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Cheryl Yeko back with a Sexy Valentine

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Welcome back Cheryl Yeko, a multi-published, award-winning author. I interviewed last year. Here is a link to that interview.
Cheryl is also an Acquisitions Editor for Soul Mate Publishing. As an Editor, she welcomes Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, and Erotica. She's back to tell us about her latest releases.
Hi! Thank you for having me here today.
Cheryl, I have some Valentines Day related questions for you:
If you could go anywhere, or anywhen (I grant you the gift of the time machine in The Castle) What would be your idea of the Perfect Valentine's Day?  
I'd like to go back in time to my honeymoon. My husband took me to London and I loved it! We always said we would go back, but we never have...{sigh}

What's the most romantic book you ever read beside your own? 
Wow, that is a hard question, because I read tons of books! A Christy Reece novel usually does it for me, and if I had to choose, I would say, Rescue Me. But, all her books are awesome.
Excellent. A new author for me to check out.
Best movie to watch on Valentine's Day if you don't have a date? Honestly, I love action/romance movies...date or no date. The most romantic movie, imo, was Speed with Keanu Reeves. When he stays on that train, facing death so Sandra Bullock wasn't alone, OMG...be still my heartSmile Those are the kind of heroes I strive to write!

You have new releases.

Yes.  MY SEXY VALENTINE, SOUL MATE COLLECTION 1, a collection of steamy little stories of which I am both the Editor, and also have a story in the collection, titled Valentines Day Breakup. I had great fun working with all the talented authors for this awesome collection!This is an ongoing anthology, so look for Soul Mate Collection 2, in 2016.
Valentine’s Day Breakup Blurb-Finding her fiancĂ© in a clutch with the coat check girl sends Shelly straight into the arms of her Soul Mate.
Here is a short excerpt, where our hero, Dean, steps into the bar and sees our heroine, Shelly, for the first time (after she’s ended her engagement with her cheating fiancĂ©):

     Intrigued, Dean stepped up to the spot next to her and requested a Hacker-Pschorr. The woman was leaning over her drink, her thick blond hair flowing forward, obscuring his view of her features. Bob, the bartender, came back with his Weiss beer. Dean tossed a wad of money on the bar, starting a tab.
     Returning his gaze to the woman, he picked up the bottle and waited for her to notice him. But she seemed to be deep in thought, twirling her straw in her drink, before taking a long sip. He frowned when he thought he heard a sniffle. Was she crying? The last thing he wanted was to get caught up in the drama of a crying woman. Had her boyfriend stood her up on their Valentine’s date? His interest waned. Whatever the reason, he didn’t take advantage of vulnerable women, so she was off-limits.
     But before he could turn away, she lifted her head and looked at him, and he froze. Well, everything froze except his cock, which in a millisecond grew hard as iron as he looked upon pure sensual perfection. She was an angel, with delicate features and a perfect oval face, her cute nose slightly tipped up and full, rosy lips that begged for his kiss. He set his jaw and managed to keep his hands, and his lips, to himself.
     Dean stared into her soft green eyes, the shade of freshly mown grass, glistening with unshed tears. His feet refused to move. An overwhelming urge to gather her into his arms and hold and comfort her swept through him.
     Turn your ass around and get the hell out of here, his I-don’t-have-time-for-this-shit internal voice insisted. Then she sniffed again, and one lone tear slid down her right cheek and gutted him.
     “Hello-o,” she said, then blinked like an owl, before turning back to her drink and taking another long sip through the straw, once again obscuring his view to her lovely face.
     That was when he realized his angel was tipsy. He frowned. She wasn’t his angel and he should just turn around and walk away. But he didn’t. Against his better judgment, and with a feeling of possession that was totally out of line, he stepped closer and asked as gently as he could, so as not to scare her, “Why the tears, angel?”
Sounds wonderful!

EYES OF A HERO, is my second new release, and Book 2 in my Hero Series. The first novel in the Hero Series is, MOUNTAIN HERO, which took first place in the 2014 International Digital Awards, in the novella category...how cool is that?
Very cool!
Blurb For Eyes Of A Hero:
Stumbling across a murder and getting chased off a cliff makes for one heck of a bad day. But when a handsome blue-eyed hero comes to Darcy's rescue, things begin to look up.
The last thing Randy expected when he made the hike up the bluff was to rescue a beautiful woman hanging off a cliff ledge. He soon learns that he's her only protection against powerful forces that want her silenced.
I love that blurb.
Here’s an Excerpt – Enjoy!

     “How’d you end up on the ledge?” Randy's gaze scoured the area for anything to help him retrieve her.
     “I—I was running from some me—”she hiccupped on a sob“—men.”
     A sense of unease rushed through him, and his eyes narrowed as he did another search of the area, looking for danger this time.
     “How many men?” he barked, his voice low and threatening at the thought of a group of men chasing a woman off a cliff. Were they still around? His hands curled into tight fists, itching to get his hands on the bastards.
     “I think they left.” A soft sniffle sounded. “But they . . . they killed a man.”
     What the hell? Keeping alert to any approaching danger, He knelt back down to speak with her. “What happened?”
     “I—” Another frightened squeak came from her as more loosened stones tumbled into the water.
     Shit! He had to get her off that damn ledge.
     “Darcy,” he said urgently, “don’t move.” He wished like hell he could see her, because he had no idea how much time she might have before the rock underneath her totally gave away. The afternoon sun was blasting, and sweat slid down his back, under his shirt.
     There was a long tense moment until the pebbles finally stopped falling. Her panicked gasp cranked up his urgency to get to her, filling him with a sense of impotence at his total uselessness. He needed to think of something, fast! As an avid outdoorsman, there had to be something here he could use.
     “Randy,” her soft voice called up to him.
     “Yeah, darlin’,” he said gently.
     “If I don’t make it—”
     “You’ll make it,” he snapped, standing, his body tense. He wouldn’t even entertain the thought that she’d die. He’d never be able to live with the guilt for allowing it to happen.
     Ignoring him, she continued, “Please tell my family I love them . . . okay?”
     The muscles in his shoulders tensed into hard knots, his mind working feverously. “You’re gonna tell them yourself, Darcy. Just as soon as I get you up from there.”
     “How’re you going to do that?” The resignation in her voice indicated she didn’t believe he could save her.
     Like hell . . . He set his jaw in determination.
     “I’ve got a hiking kit back at my campsite. I’m going to get it, I’ll be right back.”
     “You—you’re leaving?” Panic laced her voice.
     “I’ll only be gone five minutes.”
     She didn’t answer.
     “Darcy?” he repeated, kneeling back down to peer over the edge. “I promise, I’ll be back for you.” Damn, he wished he could see her face, so she’d know he meant every word he said.
     “Okay,” she responded quietly, though he could hear the tears in her voice.
The tinkling of small pebbles rolling down the cliff told him to get his ass moving. She needed off that ledge, before it was too late.
     He just wasn’t quite sure how the hell he was going to accomplish that.

I created the book trailer for EYES OF A HERO and would love to share it with you. http://youtu.be/vbI79jRpjto

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/cherylyeko

Cheryl is offering one lucky reader a copy of My Sexy Valentine. Thanks for dropping by.

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    1. Thank you...I'm pretty proud of it, as I designed it myself. His eyes were originally brown...so I looked up how to change the color on YouTube, using Photoshop. lol


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