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Meet Kim Hotzon and A Time For Love in Paris.

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Kim Hotzon's next book is a romance which involves Paris in 1975 and time travel back to 1895 Paris. Considering that Time and Forever is about time travel to London and Los Angeles in 1969, I was instantly intrigued. I asked Kim to please be on my blog.
Kim atop the Notre Dame Cathedral Bell Tower

Kim lives in British Columbia with her husband, two children and a very pampered dog and spoiled cat. She spends her free time in the beautiful outdoors, paddling on the lake with her dragon boat team in warmer months and skiing in colder months.
Kim is an avid traveler, having lived in Japan, and she's been fortunate in realizing a few dream trips to far-flung places including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. She spent several years in the field of education and has been actively writing for the past five years.
I love firsts, so tell me about the moment when a publisher told you they wanted to publish your book.
The moment a publisher told me they wanted to publish my book, I was on a high I can only describe as winning the lottery. Or buying my first home. Great excitement. I'd received a few partial requests and a couple of full requests, with most landing on the backburner. I was beginning to think I'd never become a traditionally published author. Funny how things work out. I received two offers the same week and I went from feeling deflated to overwhelmed with making such a hard decision! In the end, I chose Soul Mate Publishing.
Other than your own, who are your favorite writersin your genre?
My favorite writers in the romance genre include Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel, Heather Graham and Nora Roberts.
What is the most exciting moment, so far, in your writing career?
The most exciting moment in my writing career? That's hard to answer. I have a few: receiving my contract; my first print book; achieving PAN status and the thrill of watching my anthology Sizzle In The Snow: A Soul Mate Christmas Collection reach the Top 100 Best Sellers Rank on amazon.ca!
How do you motivate yourself when inspiration takes a vacation?
Writing isn't all fun and games. It's an awful lot of work at times and there are moments when inspiration seems to evaporate. But I like to set daily/weekly writing goals. Watching that word count increase is also a motivator. I find I'll get inspiration late at night, and I've learned to switch on a light and jot down notes so I don' t forget them! This gives me a starting point the following day to continue a scene or chapter. It's amazing how certain dialogue exchanges or descriptions flood my head as I'm trying to sleep. Oh, the inconvenience of being a writer!
Tell us about  A Time For Love in Paris
I'm excited about my new release, A Time For Love In Paris. This is my first time travel romance and took several months of research. I adore Paris and was enthralled by the architecture and the museums my husband and I visited while there. The main character, Elise Sullivan, popped into my head one day and she never left.
In 1975, Elise Sullivan, a young woman from Scotland, travels to Paris, France, to study art at the illustrious Fine Arts School of Paris. Her dream is to attain her art degree with the goal of becoming an art curator at one of the many local museums. Stumbling upon a mysterious old book in the infamous Shakespeare & Company bookstore, her world opens up an undiscovered realm. Elise finds herself in late nineteenth century Paris, becoming the muse of master painter and sculptor, Michel Flaubert.
Inspired by the book, Elise and her lover spend idyllic weekends visiting famous landmarks throughout the city. Together, they share their passion for art, architecture and each other. As their love deepens beyond infatuation, Elise and Michel struggle with the impossible boundaries of their relationship. Their love affair is threatened by the presence of Michel's friend, Henri, whose jealousy will have long-lasting consequences for Elise and Michel. When Michel departs on a visit to Lyon, Elise believes it is forever. She returns to her modern life, where she lives for decades as a solitary woman in France.

In 2015, when the Louvre museum houses a temporary exhibition of Impressionistic art, Elise spots a statue crafted in her likeness. Only one man's hands had the ability to create such a masterpiece. Elise locates the old book, once again visiting the past, where she searches for her lost love. Returning this time to 1936, Elise enters a dangerous period with Europe on the brink of  World War II. Will she find Michel in time? Will she have one more opportunity to experience lasting love, before it's too late?
Sounds fabulous. I want to read it!
What’s your current WIP?
My current WIP is another romantic suspense. This story is set in San Francisco and follows the life of Brooke Anderson, a young woman haunted by the death of her mother and subsequent abuse at the hands of her narcissistic boyfriend, Carlos. When Adam, a friend from childhood, unexpectedly crosses her path, they begin an illicit affair while plotting her escape from Carlos's dangerous clutches. Brooke and Adam find their dream of freedom together may be an impossible one as Carlos's involvement in the drug trade is revealed.
Got a recipe you want to share?
I'd love to share a recipe, inspired by my latest release, so naturally it is a French recipe!
Macarons consist of two meringue shells with a creamy filling. They aren't as difficult to make as some think but I've included some *tips.
French Meringue:
1 cup almond powder
1 cup icing sugar
egg whites (from 2 medium eggs)
pinch of salt
1/4 cup fine/granulated sugar
Creamy Filling:
1 1/2 cups unsalted, softened butter
2/3 cup icing sugar
1 tsp. vanilla flavoring
Preheat oven to 285 degrees. *Do not use fan option (convection). Sift icing sugar/almond powder into bowl. In separate bowl, pour egg whites, add salt and whisk until stiff peaks form. Add granulated sugar, a bit at a time, continue whisking until egg whites are thick and shiny. *Do not over mix! Gently stir in icing sugar and almond mix. Fill piping bag with mixture and squeeze coin sized circles onto wax paper lined cookie sheet. *Use a proper macaron rubber mat, or pre-mark circles on wax paper with felt pen. *Tap cookie sheet onto counter to rid of air bubbles. Cook for approximately 12 minutes. *Cooking time may vary slightly depending on your elevation and oven.  *You can add flavoring to egg white mixture such as vanilla, and food coloring.
Allow macaron shells to cool completely. For the filling, mix butter and icing sugar together using mixer. Beat until soft. Add flavorings, if desired, and mix. Fill pastry bag with creamy filling. Line up shells in pairs and squeeze a small amount of filling onto one shell. Finish with the remaining shells. Assemble shells by placing 'lid' on top of pastry filled base shells. Refrigerate immediately if not planning to eat right away!
This is so sinful. How could you do this to me?. Must.Try.
And finally, where can we find  you?
Connect with Kim Hotzon:
Website:     http://kimhotzon.com/
Twitter:       https://twitter.com/KimHotzon
LinkedIn:     Kim Hotzon | LinkedIn

 Thank you for being here, Kim. Kim is giving away an ebook of A Time For Love In Paris!  Enter below for a chance to time travel with her. I wish you a joy-filled week.

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