Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Being Your Own Valentine

Posted by Susan B James on 3:00:00 AM with 31 comments
It's a day for love or a day for feeling woefully inadequate because
You haven't met your true love.
You lost your true love.
You have kids and exactly when are you going to be able to shove the dresser up against the bedroom door and celebrate properly?

Or there 's the other scenario:
We're celebrating, but is it romantic enough? I bet some else is out there doing it better.
My least favorite romantic line? "You complete me." From Jerry Maguire.
Said by a needy man who wasn't good with either words or relationships, but what the hey, Tom Cruise said it and he's pretty.
It took me a long time to believe I was worthy of love. And I finally realized that the person I most need to love me is . . . me. I needed to know I was already complete.
There are lots of people I love and lots of people who love me, including my wasband. But none of us complete each other. And that's a good thing.

This year I am my own Valentine and I plan to make a great job of it.
my Agenda:
Buy myself my favorite flowers. I deserve them.

I've made my Valentine at a Valentine party I went to. Inside, I am going to write  the ten things I love most about me.
I haven't decided on my date yet. I'm torn. Go to see Dame Edna at the Music Center and eat beforehand at the Nickel Diner and having their Smore's Cake? Buy myself Jayne Ann Krentz's latest book, Trust No One and snuggle in that night at home with Chocolate?
Hmmm. No matter which I choose, that Smore's cake is going to be part of it. I have my monthly volunteer stint with Reading to Kids at Leo Politi Elementary in the morning and The Nickle Diner is not that far away.
And, of course, I want to give something to YOU, dear readers.
I have five books for giveaway. Three of them by Susan Elizabeth Phillips,  - Breathing Room, Heaven Texas and This Heart of Mine. I am also giving away a copy of Linda Lael Miller's The Marriage Charm and Where's My Hero? Three short stories by Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn and Kinley MacGregor.

I'm also giving away a paperback copy of my book, Time and Forever. I forgot I had copies.

That's six prizes.
Leave me a comment telling me at least three good things you are going to tell yourself you love about you. Yes, you are definitely worth loving. Love on!

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  1. Three things I love about myself:
    1) I am kind, to people and creatures.
    2) I can express myself well through my writing.
    3) I am empathetic to those like myself who are suffering with mental illness.
    I would really enjoy winning a book, as I am on a fixed income, but I appreciate your post making me sit down and think of three things that I love about myself. Thank you!

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  3. Three things I love about me would be: I'm a surviver, I have thick skin, and the feelings of others matter to me. I already bought a multi chocolate cheese cake for Valentine's Day. I deserve a treat. I'll share it with my kids, as they are the most important beings in the world to me. When they go out for the evening on their dates, I'll put my feet up and rest, watch a movie, eat chocolate, and dream of palm trees since this has been such a cold winter. Hugs to you Susan and all who nuture themselves. :)

    1. Sound's great Susan. What movie do you plan to watch?

  4. I am compassionate.
    I am good with words.
    I am work in progress.

  5. Three things I love about me:
    --my compassion for children and animals.
    --my ability to think of something to do or to try, and then I do it.
    --I'm a good tutor and I like helping kids learn.

    For Valentine's day, I'm tutoring in the morning and trying to sell books in the afternoon. In the evening I'll make myself a nice dinner, have dark chocolate for dessert, and watch something British on TV. (I think my lovely daughter will go out with her boyfriend, but I'll give her a valentine hug and chocolate covered strawberries.)

    Thanks for sharing this. We all need to be reminded to love ourselves first before we can love others. Blessings, Penny (www.penelopeannecole.com)

    1. Penny, you are also a wonderful writer. I hope you find the perfect Valentine thing to watch. Dark Chocolate! Yes. Blessings to you and yours.

  6. Caring about others
    Caring about animals
    My humor
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Happy Valentine's Day.

    1. katsrus, everyoen you know is blessed by your caring and humor.

  7. I love that I love to dance and exercise and that it inspires others to work out.
    I love that I love people and try to see the good in everyone.
    I love that I am a good listener and I really care to hear what people have to say.

    And I love your blog! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. All of your loves sound wonderful to me. I love you!

  8. I love that I am able to help my mom as much as possible and be the best daughter I can be
    I love that I can make people feel comfortable talking to me
    I love that I try to find something positive in every situation!

    Thank you for the giveaway! Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    1. Gabrielle, You sound like someone I want to know. Bless you!

  9. Here's the truth. If you don't like or love yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks about you, it will never be enough. My husband and I don't usually make a big deal about Valentine's Day, but we're still together after 36 years. It's the little things that count. He just brought me my favorite smoothie from the Farmer's Market. I'm happy!

    1. I am a gifted individual.
    2. I am creative.
    3. I am dependable.
    4. Most of the time, I like my job. ;-)
    5. Most of the time, I like my husband. ;-)

    1. I don't know who you are but I honor and bless you.

  10. I love my intelligence
    I love being articulate
    I love being a great friend, showing compassion, listening and just being there. I like to treat my friends the way I want to be treated.
    Thank you for your giveaway.

    1. You are Welcome, Melody. Thanks for leaving your loves/

  11. I am an accomplished artist.
    I enjoy nature.
    I love animals.

  12. Great Blog Post! Thanks!

  13. Hi Susan! I really enjoy reading your post. These are some things I love about myself: 1) I'm empathetic and compassionate towards others, 2) I love to laugh and find the bright side of things, 3) I try to do the best of my abilities in whatever I do and 4) I'm a giver. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome books (keeping my fingers crossed since I love SEP's books!) :D

  14. I think you make a good point and I have a tendency to focus on my shortcomings.
    Since you asked, I'm hard working, generous and a good team player.

  15. What immediately comes to mind is a quote from the movie, "The Help."

    You is kind, you is smart, you is important!

    Happy Valentine's Day to me. And you. :)

  16. Three things I love about myself:
    I am creative and smart!

    I am a good mom.

    I have a boisterous laugh.

    Loved your newsletter. Thank you for celebrating love!

  17. I am a kind person and loyal.
    I am lucky in many ways...have two wonderful sons and a wonderful husband. I believe I've been a good mother and wife.
    I'm intelligent although chemo brain is affecting my short term memory.

  18. I can love myself (finally!) because:
    I forgave my ex
    I show my parents how much I love them
    I can now be totally comfortable in my curvy body with my way too sexy man!

  19. I'm tech savvy, I'm a great little sister and I'm like to have fun.

  20. I'm considerate, a good cook and a terrific nurturer.

  21. When I get my mind to it - I get it done!
    I'm very gd listener.
    I'm very patient person.


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