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Backstage at Netflix Series The Ranch

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I asked in a previous post what you would like to read and the answers came back -Personal details. So . . .I thought you might like this cause there are hot guys in the pictures.
My wasband, Barry Corbin is playing the local vet on Netflix's new series The Ranch.

Sam Elliot, Chris, sleeping child

Chris, Walter & Ashton 
Needless to say, we were all thrilled, not only because it is a funny show, but because it tapes live at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank.
And getting to watch the taping from Barry's dressing room is way more fun than sitting in the audience. And we could not have sat in the audience because our son Chris, and his wife Melanie had the baby with them.
(This was Walter's second trip to a soundstage.
Chris & Walter with Justin Baldoni and Yael Grobglass
The first was at five-days-old when his dad took him to the set of Jane the Virgin.) Last November and December we went to three tapings.
Best things about being backstage:

1. Barry's dressing room was a twin of the one I had when I did 2 Broke Girls last September. It had a sofa and a bench and a bathroom and a live feed of the taping.
Barry and his Fiancee, Jo Montana

Danny Masterson, Melanie,baby,  Chris. Kelli Gloss 
2. When you are backstage, you meet the other actors. I already knew Sam Elliot and Deborah Winger from the old days when Barry and I were still married, but Chris and Melanie hadn't met them. And none of us had met Ashton Kucher or Danny Masterson.
3. The food is great. Catering feeds you like there's no tomorrow.

Barry and Ashton

The Ranch has a Facebook page. They've been picked up for a second season. So Barry will be doing more episodes. Sadly, they beefed up security so we can now only sit in the audience. The first ten episodes are now on Netflix.
 Happy Week to all of you. Happy Mothers Day to those to whom that applies. 

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