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Meet Author Bethany Averie

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Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Bethany Averie. I’m actually the second-to-the-youngest of eight kids (no, that’s right, 8 kids).  I’m a wife, mother, dreamer, and reader.

Here are some of my favorites:

My favorite chocolate is Godiva.
My favorite ice cream (which the sad part is I’ve got some lactose intolerance so I haven’t had it in several months—a nutritionist I was seeing took me completely off dairy—even when there was some I could have on occasion and I don’t know if I can try any dairy at the moment, gotta ask my medical doc about that) is Baskin Robbins’ World Class Chocolate—dark and white chocolates mixed together…don’t make me cry.
Favorite cookie? My dad’s big, soft, chocolate chip cookies (although I got taken off gluten, too, so haven’t had those in forever…excuse me while I go hunt for tissues because that makes me sad).
Favorite cake? Chocolate with chocolate icing or Baskin Robbins World Class Chocolate with chocolate cake and white icing.

Are you sensing a theme? Yes, I am a chocoholic, and so is at least one of my siblings, so I’m in good company.
Me, too, Bethany. I adore chocolate. Say the word Brownie and I come to attention. There are two great gluten free, dairy free chocolate recipes on my recipe page. 

I love firsts, so tell me about the moment when you found you’d made your first sale.

In October 2012, I attended my RWA chapter’s annual conference (for info go to http://nwhrwa.com/writers-events/lonestar-conference/ for this year’s October conference topic, etc.).  I pitched to Debby Gilbert of Soul Mate Publishing, who requested the full manuscript. My very first full request (I’ve gotten partials and first 3 chapters before, but never full manuscript). Once I got back from Conference, I sent it to her and about 2 days later received an offer. In July 2013, All’s Fair In Love & Lion was released.

 I am reading All's Fair in Love and Lion right now. And enjoying it.
If it isn’t too nosy . . . (well of course it is!) How about the first time you kissed your true love?
         It’s not too nosy. I’m hopelessly romantic, so I’d probably ask that question, too.
 Is it sad that I can’t remember my very first kiss with my husband (my real life hero)? However, I will say I really enjoy kissing him. He’s pretty good at it. ;-) Plus he’s really good looking, and says I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, so I figure I’ve hit the jackpot.

Other than your own, who are your favorite (heroes/heroines/writers) in your genre?

Favorite characters…that’s a really good question. I really like Damon and Katy in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s LUX series. I love Gregori from Kerrelyn Sparks’ LOVE AT STAKE books. Lucas, Kylie, Della, Miranda, Burnett, and Holiday from C.C. Hunter’s SHADOW FALLS books (although I don’t write strictly YA, my IMMORTAL DREAMS Trilogy straddles the line between YA and New Adult—NA—and I write in Paranormal and Fantasy). I love Lynn Kurland’s Kendrick and Royce characters from her de Piaget/MacLeod books (still hoping that Royce will get his own story!)
I love all of Lynn Kurland's books and I agree with you about Royce. If you get Lynn's permission, I would love for you to guest-post the interview you did with Lynn on this blog. 

What is the most exciting moment, so far, in your writing career?
My first paperback copy of All's Fair in Love and Lion
Whenever anyone says they like what I’m doing. I haven’t gotten a fan letter, yet, but I just love it when people say they like my work (sometimes it’s on my Facebook page or on my blog—or folks who know me in person). That is the most awesome feeling in the world. I love it when readers enjoy my work because creating my stories is such a joy for me, and the whole point of me publishing them is to share them with others.

What is your favorite pastime, other than writing?
The girls night out group
Reading, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with family and friends. Girls’ Night Out with my best friends (they are some of my biggest fans and support me in good and bad times. I adore them). I love spending time with my parents—I’m serious. My folks are generous, kind, and extremely supportive. I also love spending time with my siblings—all of them. We don’t get to see each other very often (most of them live out of state from me) so when we do, it’s fun. We laugh a lot, joke, and just have a great time. Being with my husband and offspring is important to me, too. My husband is a huge supporter of my work and PRs me at his job (thank you, honey!) and offspring keeps me laughing and on my toes. Being a mom isn’t an easy job, but it’s definitely one of the best I’ve had.

What’s your snack of choice while writing?
 I don’t eat while I write. If I’m eating, I’m watching or reading something.

Got a recipe you want to share?
 I got this from a post on Facebook actually. You use some pineapple juice, chicken tenders (or skinless, boneless chicken breasts), a little brown sugar, whatever seasonings you like (I use parsley and salt—I don’t like anything spicy, so no pepper for me, but you can use some pepper) and throw it all in the crockpot on high for about 6 hours (or until chicken is falling apart). It’s pretty good over some rice.
I'm going to try that!

Any advice for new writers just starting out?
           Write, write, write. Read as much as you can. Read stuff on the business, agent/publisher blogs, writer blogs. Read in your genre—read outside of your genre. And, to quote Winston Churchill “Never, never, never give up.” It’s easy to get discouraged when you get rejection letters, or when a story just doesn’t seem to be going the way you hoped/planned. But if you give up, you’ll never know what can happen—sometimes the best and most glorious opportunities happen when you least expect it.

What genre or genres do you write?
 I write Romance Fantasy/Fairy-tale with Paranormal elements—although my Third Realm Romances are currently on hold (indefinitely while I’m writing in another genre). ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & LION is my Third Realm Romance. I do hope to write more, but so far it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen for a while.

I also write in a genre sort of a “coming of age” type stories—they straddle the line between YA/NA. My IMMORTAL DREAMS TRILOGY are those types of novels and they are Paranormal Romances, with adventure, magic—and a whole bunch of Greek mythological influences and gods/goddesses running around. I’m a huge fan of Greek Mythology and am delighted to be able to write using that love. The main characters in the Trilogy are 18 year olds.

I have a sort of NA (New Adult) Paranormal Story that I’ve been working on for a while and hope to finish it at some point. The heroine is in college and the hero is a early to mid 20’s year old.

Tell us about your latest release.
June of this year Book One of my IMMORTAL DREAMS Trilogy, DIVINE LOVE was released. Book Two, ASTRAL LOVE should release sometime in October of this year, and Book Three, IMMORTAL LOVE is to release probably in January of 2015.
 I read the preview of Divine Love on Amazon and it sounds great!

What’s your current WIP?
 I’m working on Book Three in my IMMORTAL DREAMS Trilogy, IMMORTAL LOVE. I’m hoping to have it written and ready for my personal edits as well as beta reader and critique partners edits soon.

And finally, where can we stalk you?

That sounds scary. However, you can find me at the following links:

      My blog (which I need to update more often):  http://writebybethany.blogspot.com/

      Twitter:  https://twitter.com/WriteByBethany


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