Thursday, May 24, 2018

Time and Forever is Free May 24-26

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This was an adorable PDF I made in with clickable links. The problem is that when I tried to share the PDF to blogger, the links didn't work.
So . . . Here is the link.

May newsflashes.
I'm having a busy month. Writing progresses on Lord Byron's Daughter. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to research sending two people from 1840 to 1940. This book is both a Victorian and a time travel adventure.
I booked two acting jobs. This week I am filming on a TBS Series called The Guest Book. (Hilarious script by Greg Garcia. Directed by  Rebecca Asher.)
I have a wonderful dressing room and six costume changes, but only two lines. I  love it.

Last week I went to a table read for a film called "The Untitled Miranda July Project." and was delighted to find the stars were Gina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, Rachel Evan Wood, and Debra Winger. They are all such amazing performers. I get to work with them mid-June.
Small world moment: My son, Christopher Corbin, did 9 episodes of Jane the Virgin with Gina.
My wasband, Barry Corbin's first movie was Urban Cowboy with Debra. She used to sing our baby, James, Polish lullabies.
 I met her again two years ago when Barry started guesting on The Ranch and Chris and Melanie and their Brand new baby Walter watched the filming from Barry's dressing room.

Son, Jim is here May - 23-26 with my darling granddaughter, Ella. We have a busy 4 days planned, culminating in a family visit to Universal for his birthday. I can't wait.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Thank you!

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On Monday Night I sent out an email to my MailChimp list.
If you are subscribed to me through Blogger
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If you confirm your subscription through the Mail Chimp list,
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I spent five hours trying to figure out how to change the form. 
Since I have work in the morning, and a blog post due, I gave up. 
Your regularly scheduled blog post goes up Thursday
 when Time and Forever goes free on Amazon.

Thank You

I'm so glad you are staying. I promise not to flood your mailbox. 
I wish you a magical week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Scottish Historical Author Madelyn Hill's Highland Honor.#Giveaway

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Historical author Madelyn Hill's here talking about Highland Honor, the final book in her Highland Thistle trilogy which came out May 16th. And she's giving away a copy of the fiirst book in the series, Highland Hope.
Madelyn, please tell us a little about yourself.
First, thank you for hosting me this week! I’m a teacher by day and a writer by night. I live in Western New York with my husband, three children and a dog named Cannoli. I love to go to the movies, cook, and visit with my neighborhood friends I call my YaYas.
I love firsts, so tell me about the moment when a publisher told you they wanted to publish your book.
It was interesting because I received an email from the editor, but I hadn’t received an email from the publisher (not my current publisher SMP) stating they wanted to publish my book. Very surprising in a great way. Of course I was so excited and na├»ve about the entire process.

If it isn’t too nosy. How about the first time you kissed your true love?
Hmmm, well I’ll kiss and tell! My first kiss with my true love happened outside a restaurant after closing time and we didn’t want to leave. I believe I was leaning against my car when he delved in.

Other than your own, who are your favorite (heroes/heroines/writers) in your genre?
There are so many! In the historical market, I could go with the classics and say Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester. For something written a little sooner, I’d go with Roarke from the J.D Robb series. I love Rourke!!!

Tell us about Highland Honor
Lady Honor MacAllister can heal everything but a broken heart . . .

Lady Honor does not believe in marriage. Her father’s death broke her mother’s spirit and took her from her daughters emotionally well before her own death. When Honor is attacked in the forest, she keeps the event to herself, lest her lairds search for the man and strike him down. As a healer, she’ll do anything it takes not to cause harm. Rumors of attacks in the Highlands forces the lairds to increase guards and security measures. When Bryce Calder is assigned to protect Lady Honor, she fights the burgeoning attraction for the man, knowing she’ll never risk her heart to love.
Warrior Bryce Calder trusts no woman. Women only strive to better themselves through cunning, as his father warned throughout his childhood. When he is asked to escort Lady Honor while she gathers healing herbs, he is vexed. Training the men and protecting the clan are his duties, not following the sharped-tongued lass about the wood. With each passing day, Bryce becomes enchanted by Lady Honor, despite his father’s words, but his unworthiness halts any proclamation of his desire.
An unlikely partnership develops during the frequent trips to the forest and work in the apothecary. The walls each has erected to protect their hearts and their future crumbles. Until a stranger arrives at the keep. Lady Honor’s secret is threatened to be revealed putting in jeopardy the growing romance between the ardent healer and the reluctant warrior-suitor.

Sounds like an intrigung read. 
Here's the Amazon Buy link 
Madelyn, thank you for being here and for offering a copy of Book 1 of the
Highland Thistle series, Highland one lucky reader.
Enter below. WE bith wish you happy reading.
Here are Madelyn's Social Networking Links:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mother's Day #Giveaway. Amazon Gift Card

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Congrarulations to Robin Tindle who won the Amazon gift card. Happy Mothers Day and a Happy week to you. 

For many of you, this includes Mother's Day. Either because you have a mother, are a mother, or know a mother that you love. I'm giving away a 10.00 Amazon Gift card. That can get you two or three eBooks
Leave a comment with your email to enter.
HOW TO COMMENT: At the top of this post it says
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Click on comments
Or scroll to the bottom of the page. 
You will be given the choice of posting as "anonymous" BUT you have to leave me an email address so I can contact you if you win.

Giveaway will end Saturday, May 12. That will give you time to order your ebook(s). I say get one for Mom and one for you.
Here are a few recommendations. I'm starting with mine because they both feature older heroines which may resonate with older readers.
Time and Forever
Sherry knows what she wants for her 63rd birthday. A second chance at love. Her best friend, Lorena doesn’t believe that’s possible. But when a glitch in a Virtual Reality Adventure game sends them back to 1969 London, anything can happen.
#RomanticComedy #timetravel.

Maybe This Time
Happy Ever After? Not unless they change time
Popular British actress Jennifer Knight just turned forty-nine and she’s fine with her life, thank you very much. Or she was until her beloved niece accidentally time travels them both to 1988 bringing her face to face with her He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named— her first husband. #RomanticComedy #timetravel.

The Time Table by Caroline Mather (I'm currently reading this and so far I love it.)
In the billiard room of Larry Fischer’s London home stands an antique billiard table that came with the house. Set up in the 1600’s by Phineas Finch as the craze for billiards dawned, the table was cut from a standing stone on the Finches’ north-country estate and shipped to London . . .
The lives of generations of Finches are intertwined with the modern-day Fischers and others through the curious properties of The Time Table.Travel with them as they seek the love that transcends time.

The Rose Thief by Claire Buss (Just finished this one. 5 stars.)
Ned Spinks, Chief Thief-Catcher has a problem. Someone is stealing the Emperor's roses. But that's not the worst of it. In his infinite wisdom and grace, the Emperor magically imbued his red rose with love so if it was ever removed from the Imperial Rose Gardens then love will be lost, to everyone, forever. It's up to Ned and his band of motley catchers to apprehend the thief and save the day. But the thief isn't exactly who they seem to be, neither is the Emperor. Ned and his team will have to go on a quest defeating vampire mermaids, illusionists, estranged family members and an evil sorcerer in order to win the day. What could possibly go wrong?

The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci: An out of Time Thriller. by Belle Ami (I pre-ordered this one. for me. It comes out June 1)
Three destinies, one remarkable painting.
Will her visions lead her to the truth?

Art historian Angela Renatus, is haunted by dreams of Leonardo da Vinci and a mysterious painting of Giuliano Medici and his mistress Fioretta Gorini. A painting that, as far as the world knows, doesn't exist. Compelled by her visions, Angela is determined to find out the truth.
When Angela is contacted by art detective Alex Caine, she's shocked to learn that he too is seeking the same painting. Alex's client, a wealthy German financier, is determined to clear the name of his late uncle, Gerard Jaeger, an art historian, who went missing in Florence, during World War II.
Angela and Alex journey to Florence in search of the priceless treasure. But someone else is searching for the elusive painting-Alberto Scordato is a powerful man in the art world and a sociopath who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even murder. Scordato knows something about Angela that even she doesn't know, something that could threaten both Angela and Alex's lives, forcing them into the crosshairs of fate.
What do you want for Mother's Day? - Bookwise. Please tell me in a comment and leave your email if you want to enter to win the Amazon Gift Card. I wish you all a magical week.