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Action Packed Author Desiree Holt Lives Life On The High Notes. #Giveaway

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Please tell us a little about yourself.

At 82 I know I am one of the oldest published romance writers, a USA Today and Amazon best selling author and loving it. Although I have written in many subgenera I now focus mostly on romantic suspense, which seems to resonate with my readers. Plus it’s the genre I most enjoy reading. I have been published for 14 years and enjoying it more and more each year. 
 I live in Florida with my three wonderful cats. I am blessed with three great grown children who support me in too many ways to name. I have won many awards including the Holt Medallion and have appeared on CBS Sunday Morning. I currently have nearly 200 published titles, which includes anthologies combining two or more of my previously published titles. My hobbies include reading and watching football. Awesome. I am seven years behind you in age, and leagues behind you in publishing, But I'm having a ball too.
 I love firsts, so tell me about the moment when a publisher told you they wanted to publish your book.
It was December 2005 and I still remember getting that first contact offer after 137 rejections. On stared at the email for fifteen cutes before I could say anything, and then I just screamed! 
If it isn’t too nosy. How about the first time you kissed your true love?
Oh, I definitely remember that. We had met for dinner and I had just gotten into my car. He leaned into the window and gave me one of the hottest kisses I've ever had. I was sold right then and there. 
Other than your own, who are your favorite (heroes/heroines/writers) in your genre?
I love anything and everything that Debra Webb writes. Her heroes, Ryan McBride in RYAN and Police chief /Dan Burnett in her Faces of Evil series are my favorites. Also Mary Burton’s Zach Keir, and all the heroes in all of Karen Rose’s books.
 What is the most exciting moment, so far, in your writing career?
I think when I met former SEAL sniper (and new author) Jack Carr and he promoted my book where the hero was based on him. Second was winning the Holt Medallion.
What is your favorite pastime, other than writing?
Reading and watching football
How do you motivate yourself when inspiration takes a vacation?
I walk away from my desk and do something totally different, something that’s fun. It turns on my brain.
Any advice for new writers just starting out?
Make a plan and stick to it. Learn everything about the genre you write. Get a great editor and beta reader. Ask a lot of questions of other authors. We are always glad to share. And never ever get discouraged.

Tell us about your latest book.
  Advance to the Rear is book three in the Strike Force Series. It is up for preorder now and will publish on February 12th,
The series follows a Delta Force team and the women they meet, and the subsequent danger each couple finds themselves in. It was inspired by a former Delta Force soldier I met a few years ago.
It was supposed to be a romantic break between Delta Force missions- until an imminent terrorist attack turns their world upside down. When Marc and Nikki stumble on the plot aimed at San Antonio, Texas, they realize before they can contemplate a future of their own, they have to save hundreds of thousands of lives. As their Strike Force leads the mission, they know that failure is not an option.

He dumped his empty bottle in the trashcan next to the bar and plucked another one from the big cooler by the patio door. He stood for a moment in the open doorway, scanned the patio and, seeing no one headed for a bench in the far corner. He sat with his back to the house, blocking out light and sound and wrapping himself in the familiar cloak of misery.
He took a swallow of beer and stared at the thick trees in the back yard. Maybe he could hang himself from one of them.
Okay, asshole, enough with the self-pity.
Jesus. He was getting so he couldn’t even stand himself. If he could just bleach that picture of Ria, high on cocaine, tumbling naked in bed with their next-door neighbor, maybe he could find a way to get on with his life. But it seemed the image was burned into his brain.
Everyone had told him to back away from her. Slade Donovan, his team leader, was always right on the money. Too fucking bad he hadn’t listened to him. Certainly showed how bad his judgment sucked. As devastating as the marriage was, the divorce wasn’t any better. She had tracked him down between missions and caused scenes so outrageous and embarrassing he’d finally had to have her arrested. Thank the lord he had a tough attorney who had taken care of everything so he didn’t even have to go to court.
But since then he just hadn’t been able to pull himself out of that dark place he crawled into between missions. Which again made him question why the hell he had allowed himself to be talked into coming to this party. Did his teammates think sticking him in a social situation would have some kind of miraculous cure? Or did they worry that if they left him alone he might think suicide wasn’t a bad choice?
He sighed and tried to figure out the best way to slide out of tonight’s situation without putting up with a whole raft of shit from his teammates. A strange noise, coming out of the darkness, pierced the edge of his consciousness. At first, he thought it was an animal, like maybe a cat, that had gotten itself up a tree or something. But then he realized it was the sound of someone crying. What the hell?
Setting his beer bottle on a nearby table he stepped off the patio and headed into the little copse of trees. He hadn’t gone five steps before he nearly tripped over a female sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree. And doing her best to contain the sobs that were shaking her body.
Oh, fucking swell. Just what he needed. Good opening.
 What’s your current WIP?
Take No Quarter, Strike Force #4

And finally, where can we find you?
Desiree loves to hear from readers. www.facebook.com/desireeholtauthor www.facebook.com/desiree01holt
Twitter @desireeholt
Pinterest: desiree02holtGoogle: https://g.co/kgs/6vgLUu www.desireeholt.com www.desiremeonly.com
Follow her onBookBub https://www.bookbub.com/search?search=Desiree+Holt
Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Desiree- Holt/e/B003LD2Q3M/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1505488204&sr=1-2-ent
Book Lemur https://www.booklemur.com/authors/desireeholt.html
Book + Main Bites https://bookandmainbites.com/users/20900
Signup for her newsletter http://eepurl.com/ce7DeE
 Thank you for being here, Desiree. Desiree is offering a copy of the first book in the Strike Force series, Unconditional Surrender to one lucky reader.

Blurb: Had he found her again only to lose her to a stalker?

Slade Donovan and Kari Malone shared one anonymous night of hot sex. Five years later unexpected circumstances throw them together again and what’s between them burns hotter than ever. But as a member of Delta Force, Slade is wary of relationships, drawn to Kari on the one hand and hesitant on the other.
Kari has her own demons, the stalker she moved to escape who seems to track her everywhere. As the unknown stalker ramps up his game, it will take the Delta Force team to rescue her, and the danger to show them both that what they have is electric, erotic and real.
 Happy Reading, my friends.

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Mystery Series set Las Vegas Meet Joan Peck and her Tarot Reading Heroine.

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Joan Peck has an ongoing mystery series set in Las Vegas with a Tarot Reading Heroine.
Welcome, Joan. Please tell us a bit about you.
I’ve always loved to read and growing up, my entire family used to make Sunday a relaxing, reading day. I got hooked on Nancy Drew and to this day, I think there is nothing better than a good mystery book.
I wrote spiritual books under the name of Joan S. Peck. Three of those books are about the 7 Major Chakras, the energy portals of our body, and one book is on addiction, written with my son, called “Prime Threat – Shattering the Power of Addiction. My son died of an overdose. I am so sorry to hear that. Losing a child is the worst thing I can imagine for a parent.
Then, last year in 2018, I put out the first two books of my Death Card mystery series under the name of J.S. Peck. Book 3 and Book 4 will be out this year in 2019.

After the death of her fiancĂ©, she vows to find his killer and make him pay the price. She goes undercover at the Purple Passion Lounge. Things aren’t as simple as they appear causing Rosie to take things into her own hands to save the day. Her silky dog, Sweet Pea, is her sidekick, and her grandmother’s spirit still pops into her life with advice or simple expressions of love—sometimes at the most ill-timed moments.

https://amzn.to/2L2imQC  Kindle e-book for Death on the Strip       
https://amzn.to/2Ld1JBQ  Print book for Death on the Strip

When did you decide to self-publish?
I have self-published all my books. Why? Two reasons. 1. I had no positive response from inquiry letters; 2. All my author friends said it was the better way of publishing. However, I had no idea about all the work involved in marketing, which happens whether you are published through a publishing house or self-publish.

 Did you hire an editor?
Although I’m an editor, I certainly did hire an editor. We all need extra eyes on what we write because our brain tries to accommodate us to make better sense by filling in things that are or aren’t there. Yes! So true.

How did you choose the cover?
I knew I wanted the first story and the rest of the series to feature the main character. I knew in my mind what she looked like and that she’d be holding the Death card from the Tarot. I knew for Book 1 I wanted the Las Vegas strip to be the background.

What is your favorite pastime, other than writing?
I love the movies! I’m wanting my books to be made into a TV series or a movie and have written them to be easily converted to a screenplay(s). 
Good for you! I love acting and I adore interpreting other writer's words. I took classes at the UCLA Writers Program, but so far I am a way better actor that scriptwriter.

How do you motivate yourself when inspiration takes a vacation?
I go on vacation too. So many times, just by walking around or running to the grocery store, an idea will come to you. By taking a break, you will return renewed in energy and ideas.

Do you have a recipe to share?
It’s a simple appetizer when you are stuck. Scoop out peanut butter into a small dish and put horseradish over it. Serve with crackers. It’s the best!
I have to try that.

What are your three additional books planned for the series?
Book 2 – Death at the Lake Came out in September. 2018
Book 3 – Death Returns comes out April. 2018
Book 4 – Death Waits will come out August 2019
Thank you, Joan for being here. If you would like to keep up with Joan's books, here is a link to her Amazon Page.
Happy reading, everyone.

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Robyn Carr's The Best of Us is a Multi-Generational Delight #Giveway

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Robyn Carr's 4th novel in the Sullivan's Crossing series is the best one yet. The Best of Us twines three romances. - Dr. Leigh Culver and widower, Rob Shandon are mature adults. Rob's son, Finn, and his girlfriend, Maia, are high-school seniors, and (my personal favorite. Guess why?) Leigh's Aunt Helen and Sully are chronologically-gifted adults. The three romances kept me reading long past my bedtime. I love a story that's too good to put down. Robyn's work is like a banquet. So many flavors and different stories meld together into a feast for my heart.
AND I've scored a hardback copy to give to one lucky reader. (US only. Sorry)

Blurb: Dr. Leigh Culver loves practicing medicine in Timberlake, Colorado. It is a much-needed change of pace from her stressful life in Chicago. The only drawback is she misses her aunt Helen, the woman who raised her. But it’s time that Leigh has her independence, and she hopes the beauty of the Colorado wilderness will entice her aunt to visit often.

Helen Culver is an independent woman who lovingly raised her sister’s orphaned child. Now, with Leigh grown, it’s time for her to live life for herself. The retired teacher has become a successful mystery writer who loves to travel and intends to never experience winter again.

When Helen visits Leigh, she is surprised to find her niece still needs her, especially when it comes to sorting out her love life. But the biggest surprise comes when Leigh takes Helen out to Sullivan’s Crossing and Helen finds herself falling for the place and one special person. Helen and Leigh will each have to decide if they can open themselves up to love neither expected to find and seize the opportunity to live their best lives.

Every time Robyn tells a story I am drawn right in. While Leigh and Rob are the main focus, Maia and Finn's story covers rocky ground that no teenager should have to deal with. And Sully and Helen's relationship is great. I want that!
The eBook is 12.99 from any retailer which is steep for a lot of us. I am betting that your local library has an eCopy of The Best of Us and you can get on their waiting list.
If you would like to win a hardback copy and you live in the US, please enter below.
Happy Reading.

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Dealing With Your Alligators.

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Jennifer Crusie has a wonderful post up this week. Please take a look.

Happiness is An Alligator

I've decided to take the advice offered in it. My to-do list is exploding.
I am trying to focus on one Alligator at a time.
Alligators I dealt with this week:
I have paid my bills, finished pages for my critique group, typed a story for my nine-year-old friend, Christopher, started Robyn Carr's current book which is on my blog next week, and signed a contract for a picture book, Sunday Cat. 
 My biggest current alligator is the newsletter I need to get out in three days because Time and Forever is Free January 11-13.  https://www.amazon.com/Time-and-Forever/dp/B00M78YV6M 
Free. Free. Freeee!(You can, if you wish, add the audiobook for 7.49)
After I tackle that, I will get back to the lovely agent who wants to see fifty pages of Irish Magic. Since I already signed a contract for it with Soul Mate Publishing, I would love to see if she would take a look at some of my current projects. 
Then I will write to all the lovely authors who expressed an interest on being on my blog.And revise my latest pages.
But first, I have tutoring tomorrow, plus babysitting and an audition for Jane the Virgin. Oh, let me be truthful, I have enough alligators lined up to fill my days through the middle of April.
So many of these alligators are wonderful, but looked at as a horde, they are overwhelming. So. New Year's Resolution: One alligator at a time. What alligator has your attention?

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Happy 2019

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Happy New Year, By the time this posts I will be on my way back to Los Angeles, driving home with son,Christopher and Grandson Walter. Daughter in law Melanie has to fly home to be at work on January 2nd.
 I started Christmas by flying to Michigan to visit son, Jim and granddaughter, Ella. On Christmas Day, Ella, Jim and I flew to Fort Worth to meet up with Christopher, Walter and Melanie. We have family here. Their dad, Barry Corbin and his lovely wife Jo found us an air BNB one block from their house. Their sister Shannon and her husband Mark have a gorgeous space that is a party venue in the next block. And on Saturday we had a wonderful Corbin family reunion,

I am still thinking about actually making some New Year's Resolutions - resolutions broken down into smaller manageable goals.
One of them is to read some of the many books stored on my Kindle app. I could start with The Thief Who Stole Midnight, A New Year's Eve Romp by Christiana Miller, 
What are your goals? Do you make resolutions?
My wish for all of us is that we journey through 2019 with joy, looking to to encounter good adventures along the way, 
For me, I know there will be beautiful sunsets, laughter, some great film and tv jobs, a new book out and another new book finished, I will be attending a writer's conference, California Dreamin', and spending time with my grandchildren. And I know there will be new dreams along the way.
Upcoming on the blog is Robyn Carr's The Best of Us, Caroline Mather's The Time Table  and Rhys Bowen's The Victory Garden. If you are an author or know an author, I have lots of space right now. Please email me at sueberger3@aol.com if you are interested in a spot. 
 Lets begin the year with a gift, You tell me your favoritr read from 2018 in a comment, and one of you will get a five dollar gift card, Happy 2019.