Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Do You Believe in Magic

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Do you wish on stars? Look for four leaf clovers? Wish you could attend Hogwarts?
Gingerbread house jewel box. Glinda. Pig. Yoda. Duck has to be behind Yoda.
I do all of those and then some. I hate to sit down to write unless my totems are lined up on my monitor.

I love reading about other people's rituals.
One of my favorite scenes in Susan Elizabeth Phillips' book It Had To Be You, is where Phoebe finds out about all of the things she is supposed to do to keep the player's luck in place.

We all have our superstitions and rituals designed to maintain or improve our luck.

I have a new one.
In July I went to Abadania in Brazil with a group of friends to visit the Casa of Dom de Loyola where thousands of healings are performed through John of God. The town and the Casa are built on a crystal mine and the energy there is . . .well. . . relaxing and energizing at the same time.

 The tiny town of Abadania has a variety of crystal shops. I love semi precious stones and polished rocks and there were quite inexpensive. I read the labels and decided to buy several to take home for friends. Hematite for Back pain, Rose Quartz for healing and Citrine.

Citrine is reputed to promote self esteem and motivation, attract the ability to earn money and inspire professional success. Sounded good to me.
 I bought several rose quartz and amethyst hearts for friends. Then I saw a heart made of Citrine and decided I needed it for myself. I took all of the hearts and stones before the entities at the Casa to be blessed. (Are you laughing yet.)
So I come home with my stones and pass them out. I gave my son, Chris, three pieces of citrine as he is a struggling actor.
What has happened?
I got a five star review from InDtale Magazine for Time and Forever.
After a year of no auditions. I've had one a week.
I got money in the mail. Unexpected but wonderful.
I read from the mid grade novel I have been struggling with for YEARS before two editors and two agents at the SCBWI Working Writers Retreat and all four said they would be interested in reading more.
Beginning to believe in the heart.

My friend Kelly. an assistant director was down to her last thirty dollars. She'd applied for a job she desperately wanted. I loaned her the necklace for luck.
She got the job plus three more.
Last Thursday Kelly reluctantly loaned me back the necklace because I wanted to get an audition to play Barry Corbin's ex-wife on an episode of Anger Management. (I feel well qualified and Barry said he would recommend me to the producers)  Since then I got an audition for a Sony Commercial and more money in the mail. I promised Kelly she could borrow the heart again next week.
As for Chris and his Citrine:
He booked a recurring role on the new CW Series, Jane the Virgin and got his SAG card. He's booked several more acting jobs and a couple of student films.
Yesterday I went to Chris and asked for one of the pieces of Citrine back. I'd given him three. Chris  gave me one. He has a whole medicine back full of magic rocks. So when Kelly borrows back the heart, I will still have a piece of Citrine blessed at the Casa.  May the luck roll on for all of us.
What's your favorite lucky charm?
Next week I have Kristan Higgins on my blog. And that's another lucky thing.


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one. : ) I have so many lucky charms, and many of those are stones. I have some engraved with faith, luck, love, trust, etc. I keep those below my computer. They are great to hold as I think about my writing. I have rose quartz and a couple other stones, plus a lucky sixpence, oh, and some salt in case I have to ward off bad luck, and they are in a tiny plastic bag in my change purse, along with a wishing stone I got years ago at RWA national conference.
    I don't believe I have citrine but will definitely go in search of some. I know of a great place for semi-precious stones. I'll let you know if it brings luck. ; )

  2. Now THIS is a fun post! I hope the magic or good luck or whatever keeps rolling!

  3. I definitely believe in magic. there are so many strange things happening in the world you would be mad to close your eyes to anything.

  4. Susan, it's time to buy a lottery ticket!

    I think my family and friends are my lucky charms. Whenever I'm feeling like fate is being fickle with me, I look around I realize I'm pretty dang lucky. :)

  5. HI Susan, Sounds simply magical, and you know from my books, I love good magic. Your good luck sounds positively wonderful. May the force continue to be with you. Hugs and blessings, Penny

  6. Hi Susan, I believe in serendipity and God winks. But it wouldn't hurt to pick up some rose quartz and citrine stones...Thanks for the entertaining post! Joanne :)

  7. May your good luck continue to roll. I suspect it has more to do with hard work on your part and all involved in seeing life changing for the kinder, but...those rocks seem to be working for you, babe!
    Very happy for you.

  8. Absolutely wonderful! I love crystals and precious rocks! Congratulations!


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