Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Is Your Kind of Romance?

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I think this is a hard question.
I like them funny, or historical, or funny and historical. I love a pinch of magic or an extranormal power. or funny and suspenseful. I'm seeing a trend here.
But what is funny or delightful to me may not be that way for you.

I went to Smart Birches Trashy Novels for their funny recommendations.
I'd read one of their recommended funny books: Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters. I had no desire to read their other recommendations. They didn't strike a spark.
Commenters on this post mentioned BetMe by Jennifer Crusie. I love her books. Jen's blog, AarghInk is one of my favorite writing sites.
They also mentioned other favorites of mine:  Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Mary Janice DavidsonJayne Ann Krentz and Georgette Heyer.
Georgette Heyer is no longer well known, but she created the Regency Romance as we know it today. One of my favorite of hers is The Grand Sophy. I love it.
Smart Bitches hated it.
You can judge for yourself. There a free PDF of The Grand Sophy on Goodreads.

Katie McAllister and Lynsay Sands appeared in the comments. They both have huge followings. I have read a couple from each of them. They don't write my kind of book.
We don't all fall in love with the same books.

My top adult authors whose books weren't on the list and which I re-read on a regular basis.

Lani Diane Rich or Lucy March (who are the same person and I love her work. Lucy books have magic in them)
Lyn Kurland  Time Travel Humorous and medieval.
Robyn Carr Contemporary. I can't describe Robyn. She writes about characters and places that grow on me.
Anne McCaffrey Science fiction. My favorites: The Dragons of Pern books and Talents series. 
Roberta Gellis Historical Medieval. My favorites are The Roselynde Books. Strong women heroines in the time of the Plantagenets
Elizabeth Peters Best known for the Amelia Peabody books.

I have new authors I love and I will get to them in another post.  Who do you read over and over? Some of my top authors I found from other people's lists. Please share some of yours with me.


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