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Remember Spencer Tracy? # Giveaway

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In Irish Magic, I make reference to two film stars I thought would last forever.
Spencer Tracy and John Wayne.
Last week I was sitting at the Macbeth rehearsal table at Warner Brothers listening to Denzel Washington talk with some of the younger actors in the cast. He was talking about how Spencer Tracy used to listen better than anyone in motion pictures. He stopped talking and looked at them. "You don't know who that is, do you?"
They shook their heads.
Denzel looked at me. "They don't know who Spencer Tracy is."
The sadness in his eyes was reflected in mine. "I know," I said."They probably don't know who John Wayne is either."

Cultural references fade from generation to generation. I knew this, but I thought some had built-in lastingness. Spencer Tracy and John Wayne for two. If you are under forty you, too, may be saying, "Who?
It never occurred to be those names would become lost. Despite my reference gaffes, I believe Irish Magic is a fun read. Do you need a little escapism?

I wrote it after I visited Ireland's famous matchmaking festival. It was charming, but I wanted a wee bit more magic. 
What if there was a matchmaker who inherited the power to know your true love? 
What if there was such a thing as leprechauns or half leprechauns - a bit more human-sized - who were under geas to fulfil wishes. 

Irish Magic has 58 customer ratings on Amazon with a 4.5 average and 35 ratings and 27 reviews with a 4.23 average on Goodreads.

Quotes from reviews.
“A quirky tale of love where and when you least expect it, but exactly when you need it most.”
TomeTender Book Blog

“A lovely cross of contemporary with a touch of fantasy. I’d definitely pick up more books like this one from Ms. James.” Trish on Goodreads

Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition
Light and funny, Irish Magic is a feel good romance sprinkled with a bit of magic. The story follows Kate, a romance novelist whose muse (and boyfriend) turned out to be a dud. She’s feeling a little jaded about love and now finds herself struggling to finish her latest book. Michael is a sexy and newly single doctor whose girlfriend cheated. Neither one is in a good place emotionally, but as they travel to Ireland separately and continue bumping into each other, they have to question whether there is more than luck on their side. Throw in a part-leprechaun and some good old Irish magic, and this couple finds themselves fated to be together.
What do you get when to take a doctor, an author, a leprechaun/human and put them in Ireland? What first caught my attention was simply the title. I am part Irish. I believe that the idea of magic (to some degree) appeals to a lot of people.

I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. First of all, any book that mentions a possibility of a character going to Ireland already earns a star. When Kate makes a wish it’s just a question of how literal that wish will be taken. I was able to complete the book in two days.
Irish Magic is available now on Kindle for 3.99  and in March in paperback 14.99. 
The audiobook is currently available on Kobo  Google Play Apple Books Scribed and a few other places for 8.95. I lowered the price hoping to give a break to readers. It should be available soon on Audible.
I Hope you will check it out. 
I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.
I have a free audio codes for anyone who can name their favorite Spencer Tracy or John Wayne Movie.

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