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Janis Lane's Adam and Abby adventures - Sandpiper Affair and Snapshot Suspicions

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Guest post by Janis Lane

Who knew trespassing in the restrictive area of a Florida State Park to get the perfect shot of the sand hill crane family would wind up with Abby Naycomb, wildlife photographer extraordinaire, meeting the most handsome park ranger in the world?

Mating/nesting birds were the subject of her quest but finding those intense blue eyes in the lens of her camera was distracting and hormone inciting. Adam Rawlings, millionaire park ranger, was as shocked as Abby when she accidentally discovered a murdered man buried in a shallow grave in the sand.

Janis:I make a big pretense of writing for the amusement of my readers. It’s only part true.
Here in this story, I delight in following Abby and Adam around as they interact (romance) with the exotic environment of Middle Florida, one of my favorite places to be. I’m not much of a beach lover. I’m usually found prowling the paths of the parks in search of the latest perching bird or gazing at the sky to spot an eagle or two. Abby, wildlife photographer is not me, but she and I share a love for many of the same things.
 Also we are annoyed similarly. Adam is nothing like my hubby, but I did pose him for my sister, who has a thing for blond giants. I made him an amiable millionaire for all the rest of us. My niece loves to work with dogs and surely would have had our unruly Buster up to snuff in short time and ready for the AKC trials.
I once saw a sad Florida panther (exquisite animal) caged in a small town zoo. A visitor was throwing paper at him to annoy and make him roar; I wondered then what would happen, if for some reason, the door of the cage were to spring open. And so my story was born.
SANDPIPER AFFAIR is the first of the Adam and Abby Adventures;

Snapshot Suspicions the second. There might be a third in the works. Nature is a never-ending fascination for me although I rarely stop long enough for snapshots.  Get out your insect spray and join Abby, Adam, and me as we traverse the lovely flora and fauna of Middle Florida and enjoy a dip or two in the Artemesian Springs along the way. I’ll pick a sprig of honeysuckle to ride in my blouse’s buttonhole for the exotic fragrance.  You may pick one too.  


Snapshot Suspicions is another adventure with Abby, beautiful, vagabond wildlife photographer, and Adam, ruggedly handsome, millionaire protector of the environment. A dangerous wildlife mystery requires the close attention of Adam and the local sheriff as Abby deals with two hired goons stalking her with a grudge. Basking in the rosy contentment of their love, Abby and Adam must trust each other as they encounter the first rift in their relationship. An engaging puppy presents a conundrum and a terrifying incident.

Abby discovers she can enjoy photographing subjects (AKC) other than wildlife and delights in setting up her own office, while Adam breathes a sign of relief when Abby makes a permanent commitment. Could she finally be thinking of a lifetime pledge to him?

Excerpt: As she entered the room, a long arm snaked out and pulled her swiftly toward a broad chest. Her face was again covered with kisses that trailed down her face, sidetracked to explore a curled ear with a sip on a tiny lobe, and continued a path of kisses until it landed against her lips, which were blossoming into a reluctant smile.
The sandy-haired giant lifted his head from the places he had been attending and settled his piercing blue eyes on her green ones with a satisfied sigh.
He sat down in a kitchen chair and pulled her onto his lap, wrapping her in a warm embrace and tucking her head on his shoulder. She snuggled contentedly against him. What a wonderful way to greet the day, she thought. Everyone should have a handsome blond giant to cuddle with . . . She could feel herself drifting off.
“Good morning, Abby, my tree sprite. Did you sleep well? I thought you might stay snuggled in bed this morning after such a late night.”
“Adam.” She took a deep breath inhaling the familiar fragrance that she loved. It was all Adam who was so dear to her. She rubbed her face into his shoulder and allowed him to cuddle her for a minute more. Her body relaxed against him, her hand half encircled his rock hard forearm, but her mind struggled with her problem. She knew she had to nip this in the bud if she were ever to have peace. This was exactly what she had feared when she resisted moving in with him, even though she knew she loved him.
“Adam.” She turned her head to stare into his intensely blue eyes, and then shut hers. There was always the danger of falling into those loving pools of blue if a girl were not careful. She knew from experience how mesmerizing they could be.
“You’ve got to control that dog. I know he’s young and means no harm, but you promised to train him. I can’t keep buying new sneakers every single day.” She felt Adam’s deep chuckle before she heard it. His chest erupted in those sounds that brought a smile to her face in spite of her annoyance with the situation.

If you liked the excerpt you can buy the book for 3.99 at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Snapshot-Suspicions-Adam-Abby-Adventure-ebook/dp/B083JFR2VW
Happy Reading, friends. See you next week.

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