Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dealing With Your Alligators.

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Jennifer Crusie has a wonderful post up this week. Please take a look.

Happiness is An Alligator

I've decided to take the advice offered in it. My to-do list is exploding.
I am trying to focus on one Alligator at a time.
Alligators I dealt with this week:
I have paid my bills, finished pages for my critique group, typed a story for my nine-year-old friend, Christopher, started Robyn Carr's current book which is on my blog next week, and signed a contract for a picture book, Sunday Cat. 
 My biggest current alligator is the newsletter I need to get out in three days because Time and Forever is Free January 11-13.  https://www.amazon.com/Time-and-Forever/dp/B00M78YV6M 
Free. Free. Freeee!(You can, if you wish, add the audiobook for 7.49)
After I tackle that, I will get back to the lovely agent who wants to see fifty pages of Irish Magic. Since I already signed a contract for it with Soul Mate Publishing, I would love to see if she would take a look at some of my current projects. 
Then I will write to all the lovely authors who expressed an interest on being on my blog.And revise my latest pages.
But first, I have tutoring tomorrow, plus babysitting and an audition for Jane the Virgin. Oh, let me be truthful, I have enough alligators lined up to fill my days through the middle of April.
So many of these alligators are wonderful, but looked at as a horde, they are overwhelming. So. New Year's Resolution: One alligator at a time. What alligator has your attention?


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