Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Linda Lael Miller's Always a Cowboy. Review and Giveaway

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Always A Cowboy is the second book in Linda's newest series, The Carson's of Mustang Creek. And I have a copy to give away.

Slater, Mace and Drake Carson may be brothers, but that doesn’t mean they are alike. While all three of them can handle a horse, Slater’s interests lie in documentary film-making, Drake runs the ranch and Mace runs the family winery.
Book two follows Drake.
Drake has always know what he wanted. Running the family ranch suits him to a T. The only flies in his ointment are a big cat attacking his cattle, a wild stallion who keeps making off with his best horses and a pesky graduate student who's come to the ranch to study wild horses. And him. It doesn't take long for the graduate student to become his biggest problem.

Luce Hale has her life planned out. She's going to write her thesis on the interaction between wild horses, domesticated animals, and ranchers, and take up her dream job in California, making her mark in the world of Ecology. Being invited by Drake's mother to stay at the ranch is a plus.  The horses draw her, but studying Drake is even more intriguing.

And it's hard to fight their mutual attraction when everyone in the household decides to take up matchmaking.

The dialogue's and the interaction between characters is great. The scenery is beautiful. I would have preferred a little more onstage action with the capture of the wild horses and the cougar. That aside, I enjoyed the read.
This book has a bonus feature - a personal essay by Linda Growing Up Western. The essay had some wonderful stories and I loved reading it. There is also an excerpt from the next book in the series. Forever a Hero.

If you would like a paperback copy of Always a Cowboy. please leave a comment with your email. If you don't leave your email, I won't know how to read you if you win.
Have a happy week. It's September. My favorite month of the year.


  1. I adore LLM, as I fell in love with her time travel stories a couple decades ago. Brother stories! Oh my. And this one sounds great...with a wild stallion, and the couple at opposite ends of the situation. Destined to become another LLM classic!

  2. I love September too. And cowboys of course!

  3. I enjoy the fall season more. Don't handle heat that well. But I really enjoy the cowboy stories. Thanks for this opportunity. jluebke (At) frontier (Dot) com

  4. never read this author

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. I love the Creeds and the McKettricks!! I can't wait to dive into a new series with Linda. RebeccaEdwardsBlog@gmail.com

  6. I put the names my fingers and did an "Eeny Meany" and Nancy Leubke won. Congratulations, Nancy.


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