Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time Travel

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If you love time travel, you are one of my people. My first adventures in time travelling came with Robert Heinlein's A Door into Summer. Since then I have loved many time travel stories and discovered many methods of time travel.
From Doc Brown's Mr. Fusion Energy reactor set into a DeLorean in Back to the Future, to Jack Finney's Time and Again 'recreate the past method', to Lynn Kurland's time gates in her A Dance Through Time series, to Jude Deveraux's calls from the past. A Knight in Shining Armor and Legend.
 I loved time travel so much I ended up writing one myself.

And that's when I discovered a very important truth: It doesn't matter how or where you send your protagonists. Your job as the author is to make your reader believe your way is possible.

I sent my two heroines back to London in 1969 by way of a virtual reality game.

I researched time travel theories. The scientific  ones and the non-scientific.
My two favorites:
Time protection theory: You cannot change the past in in such a way that you would not be born. Time itself would prevent it.
Time probability Theory: Your travelling back sets up infinite timelines in
where your future is significantly changed.
In Time and Forever, I used both these theories.

Now I am writing another book in the Time and Forever world and I've run into a new set of problems. A series of events results in my protagonists disappearing from time. I have to reinsert them into the past in  a way that the reader will believe possible. And I am having so much fun. My logic brain is getting a real workout. I'm weaving in and out of time like a demented Wookie. My constant prayer is please let this story work.

I'm giving away a copy of Time and Forever to celebrate making it two-thirds of the way through the fifth draft of Maybe This Time with my critique group. (Bless them!) You can read the first five chapters on the of Time and Forever on the Romances tab. (It ought to say My Books But I can't figure out how to change it.)
1969. Love was free, man walked on the moon, and Sherry and Lorena found the loves of their lives. Sherry shared a kiss that dreams were made of, with a stranger on the tube in London. And ran away. Lorena found the love of her life in Los Angeles and married him.
The present. Sherry’s a successful businesswoman with two grown sons. Lorena’s an actress on a popular sitcom. Sherry’s husband dumped her for a younger woman eighteen years ago. Lorena’s husband died of cancer.

Sherry wants a second chance at Love. Lorena doesn’t believe that’s possible. But when a glitch in a Virtual Reality Adventure game sends them back to the real 1969, anything can happen.

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