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Blog Hop for Writers

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I’m participating in a Romance Writers Blog Hop.  Not only do you get to know a little about me and my writing process, but I get to introduce you to fellow romance authors and learn their individual writing styles and processes.
My fellow author, Claire Davon has tagged me to be next on the “My Writing Process Blog Tour” (#MyWritingProcess). Claire writes urban fantasy, paranormal and contemporary romance.Right now Beginning Time is 99 cents on Amazon
Visit Claire on her blog to see her writing process
Let’s move on to the four required blog questions:
What am I currently working on?
I’m working on Kate’s Hero. Kate’s a romance writer who doesn’t believe in real life happy endings. Her second book is stalled because she broke up with the guy she’d planned to model her hero on. Now everything her hero says, comes out snarky. She makes a wish and ends up with a chance to take the trip she’s always dreamed of - to Ireland. The catch is she’s acquired a rather odd travelling companion who promises to help her find a hero.
Michael is a doctor who believes in happy endings, but not for himself. He’s taking his favorite patient back to Ireland to see her family for the first time in fifty years. What he doesn’t know is Nessie’s the last of a line of true matchmakers and she’s determined to find Michael his true match.

How do my romances differ from others in the genre? 
My first novel, Time and Forever is about two women in their sixties time travelling back to 1969.
In Kate’s hero, Michael is Sherry’s son from Time and Forever. I cannot seem to write a book without a touch of magic.
Why do I write what I do?
I love stories with a touch of magic. I also write children’s books as Susan J. Berger. I am drawn to humor and I think everything I write has humor in it. It seems to me I was born to wonder and to laugh.

How does my writing process work?
All my adult works have started as NaNoWriMo projects. I say all, because there is one more out there waiting for revision. When writing a longer work, I need a goal and motivation. NaNo provides that for me. At the end of a month, I have a first draft. And then comes the real work. Revision.
I am way better at character and dialog than I am at plot. My MS goes through at least two drafts before anyone else reads them. I thought the first forty pages of Kate were in great shape. I entered the first twenty five pages in The Golden Palm. I also asked fellow LARA member, Christine Ashworth to critique the first forty pages. I made all the changes they suggested. But the biggest and hardest change is that my story starts in Ireland, so I need to lose the first five chapters. That hurts. I am hoping the next draft will be much better.
Where you can find me besides here:
Children's Lit Blog: Pen and Ink

I’m now tagging my fellow Soul Mate Author, Becky Lower. Becky is a gifted and prolific author of Historical and Contemporary romance. I am currently following her Cotillion Ball series with great pleasure.
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