Children's Books Susan J. Berger

I write Children's books as Susan J Berger

Mom, Is There A Santa Claus? Illustrated by K.C. Snider.
Like many parents, I shared the magic of Christmas with my children.But I knew the day would come when they might ask if it was true. And I wanted an answer that would allow them to enter the magic in a new way. My publisher and illustrator handed me a wonderful surprise with the final illustration in the book. It’s much better their way.

Jamie's Dream, written with my son, Christopher Corbin  when he was nine and published when he was twenty five.
Here's a link to the trailer beautifully done by Kim Chatel
Earthquake  Illustrated by Eugene Ruble

Trailer by my son, Jim Corbin

The Revised Second  edition of Earthquake came out in 2016. It includes an experiment for kids on understanding what the Richter Scale number mean by counting grains of rice.
Earthquake's Website has Emergency Supply lists, teaching activities and tips on how to prepare your home.
Earthquake won HONORABLE MENTION n the Wild Card Category at the 2009 GREEN BOOK FESTIVAL

Growing Up Dreams, illustrated by Samantha Bell

All of these are available from Guardian Angel Publishing as PDF's for your e reader for $5.00 

 Jamie's Dream


Growing Up Dreams 

Mom, Is There A Santa Claus?


Sigh. . . And Someday Log on Log will hit the market.




  1. What a joyful, albeit long journey. Fun stuff with the cookie ambush. Big congrats on landing the contract!

    I have several picture book drafts (three published) and need to get back on them. Writing for kids is so much fun!

  2. Hey Susan!
    When your book goes to print, let me know and I'll buy a copy and read it to my preschoolers:)

  3. That's great, Susan! :) Jill


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