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I have a website now. https://susanbjames.com/
Susan writes second chance romances with a touch of magic as Susan B. James and children’s books as Susan J. Berger. She writes older heroines because she is chronologically gifted and enjoys creating characters who remember that change is only on the outside. Inside our older shells is a much younger psyche.
In her debut romance, Time and Forever, two women in their sixties inadvertently travel back to London in 1969. Maybe This Time, is the companion book. Her third book, Irish Magic came out in 2019. All the books are available on Audible. Irish Magic, the audiobook, is now available on many platforms and at your library via Hoopla
 Susan’s other career is acting. https://www.susanbergeractor.com/
Social Media:
Susan B James Website: https://susanbjames.com/
Susan J Berger childrens books: https://www.susanjberger.org/
Twitter: @susanjberger

I feel so lucky because so many of my dreams have come true.

I fell in love and got married.

I got to be on Broadway in a musical. I never dreamed of having children, but my sons turned out to be my best dreams of all.

Christmas 1982
I had a taste of what it was like to get famous when my husband, Barry Corbin, was one of the stars of Northern Exposure. Watching that cast handle sudden fame was an education.

Barry and I are no longer married, but we still are good friends.

My first book, Jamie’s Dream, written with my younger son, Christopher when he was ten, was accepted for publication and published on Chris’s 25th birthday. Since then I’ve had two other children’s books published. 
In 2011, I signed a contract with Beach Lane Books, Allyn Johnston’s imprint at Simon and Schuster, for my Great American Novel, Log on Log. (My Great American Novel is sixty five words long. Big change from romance writing.)

I got my first television series at age sixty six. Warren The Ape. I didn’t run long, but the rush of being informed I was a regular is indescribable. In the past couple of years I've done a lot more TV work.

In 2013 I celebrated my 70th birthday with a trip to Ireland and Scotland with my sister and brother in law. Not only did I have a wonderful time, but I got a setting and plot for Irish Magic. The adventures just keep coming.

My Hobbies include reading (Duh!) Beach walks and movies and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Right now my other prime obsession is improvisation. My son Chris decided we need to be the first mother/son improv team.  He says in ten years we will be good. I like long term goals.


  1. What a crazy, cool life you've led. Great fodder for novels. All of it. I also write children's books. I love them. I'm working on my fourth one right now.

    Welcome to bloggerdom. I'm at http://banterwithbeth.blogspot.com

  2. The closest I ever got to Hollywood or Broadway was the lead in both my junior and senior class plays. One of those starring roles was...ahem...the family pet, a cat. LOL! You've gotten much farther than me, and I hope you keep acting. It's a rush! :)

  3. Love this bio. You have an amazing life with more to come. Northern Exposure was my college best friends' favorite show!

  4. And I just realized he was the dad in The Closer. LOVE THAT SHOW. LOVE YOU BOOK!!
    see aren't you glad you started this blog now? LoL!

    1. Yup I will be if I can figure out how to promote it.

  5. Thank you, Margot, Jaye and Beth. I've followed you all.

  6. Wow! Loved reading all about your adventures. Have you ever considered writing a memoir?

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