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Growing More Brain. No More Secrets Blog Tour and #Giveaway

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Please welcome Joanne Guidoccio. She's here on a book tour of her latest release, No More Secrets Buy links and a Rafflecopter  for a 10.00 Amazon gift card are below this post. I read and loved her suggestions for brain growing.

On Growing More Brain

The daughter of parents with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, I am always on the lookout for new ways of improving brainpower.

But I am not prepared to fork out enormous sums of money for supplements and other products that make dubious claims. Instead, I read columns and books written by health experts such as Daniel Amen, Tony Buzan, David Snowdon, Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, and Mehmet Oz and take careful note of any low-cost and no-cost suggestions for improving brainpower.

Here are some of my favorite go-to suggestions:

Eat Less and Exercise More

The experts agree that obesity is bad for the brain and doubles the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have found that calorie-restricted animals nearly always stay active and healthy until the end of their lives.

Since retiring, I have watched my caloric intake very carefully, and I exercise 200 to 300 minutes a week. I use the treadmill regularly, lift weights three times a week, and practice yoga.

Bottom of Form


About ten years ago, I started cross-reading. I joined a book club and discovered books that I would never have picked up on my own. At first, I found it challenging to read some of the selections, but I persisted and became more open to different points of view. I enjoyed reading many of the translations based in the Middle East and Asia and started reading more about these countries.

I also started attending more book readings and lectures. Often, I do not recognize or know the authors and presenters, but I look forward to adding their books to my reading list.

Increase Mental Exercise

Tony Buzan, author of The Mind Map Book, believes that our memories can improve if we simply take the time to utilize and improve our brains. He suggests that we take courses, learn a new language, and change our daily routines.

I have taken a number of creative writing courses (online and offline) and joined Toastmasters. While the process of writing, memorizing and presenting a speech has been challenging, I am pleased with my improved communication skills and increased confidence. I also enjoy completing the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. At first, I struggled but after investing in a crossword dictionary, I increased my speed and improved my vocabulary. In a pinch, I visit https://crosswordheaven.com.

It is so easy to take the path of least resistance by sleeping in each day, watching more television, and limiting social contacts. When this happens, the brain can start to lose its ability to discern and assimilate new information. To keep our brains properly stimulated, it is important to keep changing our environments.

In his book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, Dr. Daniel Amen provides additional suggestions on how to set more change in motion. I found the following tips useful:

  • Buy an unfamiliar food like daikon, quinoa, or bresaola. Then, find a recipe and make a meal using it.
  • Rearrange the furniture in one room of your home. I ended up redecorating my entire condo.
  • Reconnect with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.
  • Think back to a favourite hangout or activity from your high school or university days. Revisit the place or activity and watch your mindset change


Book Blurb


Angelica Delfino takes a special interest in the lives of her three nieces, whom she affectionately calls the daughters of her heart. Sensing that each woman is harboring a troubling, possibly even toxic secret, Angelica decides to share her secrets—secrets she had planned to take to the grave. Spellbound, the nieces listen as Angelica travels back six decades to reveal an incredulous tale of forbidden love, tragic loss, and reinvention. It is the classic immigrant story upended: an Italian widow’s transformative journey amid the most unlikely of circumstances.

 Inspired by Angelica’s example, the younger women share their “First World” problems and, in the process, set themselves free.


But one heartbreaking secret remains untold...





“Go,” Kelly said. “Your aunt is dying, and this could be your last opportunity to spend some quality time together.”

 “Her oncologist shared good news last week,” Nora said. “Her blood counts have improved, and the cancer hadn’t spread since her last visit. He mumbled something about a miracle.”

 “A miracle?” Kelly’s eyes widened. “Has your aunt been seeing a healer?”

 “You could say that,” Nora said as her eyes twinkled. “Right after Christmas, she hired a companion who’s been able to transform her life. I don’t know her real name. My mother calls her Bellastrega—beautiful witch.” All recent conversations with Ma had focused on Bellastrega. Relieved not to have to share her own problems, Nora had encouraged her mother to talk about the beautiful witch who had turned all their lives upside down. Nora enjoyed the weekly updates that sounded like soap operas.

 “Is she a beautiful witch?”

 Nora shrugged. “My mother mentioned her dyed-blonde hair, too-skinny body, and watery eyes. She’s put Zia on a vegan diet and an exercise regimen. At Christmas, Zia needed a walker to get around, but now she’s walking freely. My mother and aunt are convinced that Bellastrega is a witch who’ll end up robbing Angelica and leaving.” Nora had tried to point out that if Bellastrega’s intention was to steal, it would make more sense to let Angelica get weaker.           

 “She sounds intriguing,” Kelly said. “I’d go just to meet this woman.”

 “Hmm. I guess.” Nora was curious and wouldn’t mind sitting and chatting with the woman about wellness. But from Zia Angelica’s email, it sounded like Bellastrega would leave soon after everyone arrived.

 “Think of it as an adventure. How many beautiful witches have you met in this lifetime?”



Book Trailer




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 Amazon (US) -  https://www.amazon.com/No-More-Secrets-Joanne-Guidoccio-ebook/dp/B08CVTYWWX

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Author Bio

 A member of Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, and Women’s Fiction Writers Association, Joanne Guidoccio writes cozy mysteries, paranormal romances, and inspirational literature from her home base of Guelph, Ontario.  


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