Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hope is a Thing With Feathers

Posted by Susan B James on 8:29:00 PM with 2 comments
Hi there.
Perhaps you too are experiencing soul panic. I am finding it hard to write. And to read new books right now. I want the comfort of the tried and true. Fortunately, I have a huge library of favorites. Plus there is the blessing of online borrowing from my local library. And free books on Amazon.
What are you doing to put fun in your life?

I meditate, read, walk, avoid the news, and do jigsaw puzzles.

Chris, my younger son does my grocery shopping. He and Melanie come over to hang out with Eugene (age two months) and Walter.
We have seen each other on most days since the beginning of the shutdown. They see no one but me and visa versa. So it counts as social distance.

I check Facebook, go to church online and answer email and phone calls from friends.
And I remember this too shall pass. One day it will simply be a memory.
Good things: 
I have an excuse to order out.
Making Paleo fudge
We walked on the beach. No traffic. Fabulous social distancing. Great joy.

Realizing we truly are all one community.

Links I found comforting:
Alyssa Cole has a Field Guide to Confinement. 
Jen Crusie has a post Rats With Islands about why paying attention to reality is not your best option. This is about being a writer. But it applies to us right now.
Deepak Chopra has a video on YouTube about the Pandemic of fear currently infecting the world and how to mitigate its effect.
Here is a video of an alternate had washing song to sing.
Stay panic free. Our God is way bigger than this.https://vimeo.com/399036765

I wish each of you comfort, joy, freedom from panic and so much love.
Soon I will be back to regularly scheduled blogs.


  1. Hi Sue, Excellent post! So many great ideas and links. I've bookmarked it for future (hopefully limited future) reference. I'm also pinning it on my Pinterest board.

  2. Thank you Joanne. I await your post. Blessings


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