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Claire Gem turns Indie and Eerie for Halloween

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A woman, encased in glass, lives in the center of town, yet everyone pretends not to see.

A phone call from Mom turns horrifyingly urgent.

A sports car, a family inheritance bound up in memories.

A graveyard of nameless souls.

Definitely looks eerie and it's only 99 cents to buy. 

And now, here's Claire
I’m Back!!! Revisiting After Almost Five Years!
By Claire Gem

I can’t believe how much has happened since I last visited Susan’s blog in 2015. That was the year I published not only my memoir, but also my first novel. Since then, I’ve published six more novels and a writer’s resource guide. But what a journey it has been . . .
The publisher of my memoir, after three years of fits and starts and not one single penny I royalties, went out of business. It took me six months of legal agony to get the rights back on my book, which I revised, repackaged, and self-published in 2018. After another less than smooth experience with another small publisher for my second novel, I bought back my rights and republished as well. So I guess that officially makes me a hybrid author, since I still have Phantom Traces with SMP. But since then, I’ve gone Indie.
I love Indie publishing, mostly I guess because I’m a control freak. With self-publishing I have complete control over the entire process, from the creation to the editing to planning the release. Don’t get me wrong: It’s a LOT of work. I do hire professional editors (a must), but I have gotten pretty good with Photoshop, so the covers I design myself. Formatting has given me more than my share of gray hairs. But I get through it, and in 2019 I published my fourth Haunted Voices novel (these are contemporary romances set in haunted places).
Electricity went live June 16th.

She’s an electrician starting over with her son. New job. New town. New life.

He’s a coworker who’s interested in more than her ability to run conduit.

The building they’re rewiring was once an insane asylum…but it appears some of the patients never left.

Mercedes Donohue pulled up roots in Atlanta when her marriage imploded. She’s come back to New England, to the place where she was born. Mercy’s focus is to stabilize her teenage son’s life—he took the breakup pretty hard—and to establish her place, gain the respect of Progressive Electrical’s team.

She never expected so many sparks to fly so soon, both on the job and after hours.

Daniel Gallagher has been alone since his fiancĂ©’s death. He’ll never feel that way about any woman again, and certainly won’t try with another independent, strong-willed one. Then Mercy short-circuits his plans.

Although the asylum closed its doors over thirty-five years ago, it seems some of the patients never left . . .

If you like a heart-melting romance laced with healthy dose of supernatural thrills and chills, you’ll love Electricity.

I was buzzing along great on the fifth in the series when an unfortunate accident at work left me with a broken arm—my right one, and I’m right-handed. Took me off the keyboard for almost two months. Finally, out of sheer boredom and using the leftie hunt-and-peck method, I compiled four of my creepy short stories into
an Amazon Short Read called Enigmata: Eerie Bits. Just in time for Halloween!

A woman, encased in glass, lives in the center of town, yet everyone pretends not to see.

A phone call from Mom turns horrifyingly urgent.

A sports car, a family inheritance bound up in memories.

A graveyard of nameless souls.

Haunting. This collection of short stories will send a chill, linger in memory, leave you wondering: Is there something beyond what our eyes can see? Can the veil between life and death really be so thin? Four tales in this Kindle 45-minute Short Read by award winning paranormal author, Claire Gem.

 And as I said above, only 99 cents. I already bought my copy. Sometimes short reads are my necessity and this one sounds great.
 Thank you, Susan, for hosting me again! I will be giving away two eBooks—one of Electricity and one of Enigmata—to two lucky visitors to your blog! 
Thank you, Claire, for visiting.

I  managed to tweak a disk and sitting at the computer isn't a good thing to be doing.
So if you would like to be entered to win a copy of Electricitor Enigmata: Eerie Bits leave a comment with your email address or drop me an email at sueberger3@gmail.com.
Happy Reading. 
Claire Gem
Contemporary, Romantic, Soul-Freeing

Claire is an award winning-author of supernatural suspense, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction. She also writes Author Resource guide books and presents seminars on writing craft and marketing. Her supernatural suspense, Hearts Unlocked, won the 2016 New York Book Festival, and was a finalist in the 2017 RONE Awards.

Claire loves exploring the paranormal and holds a certificate in Parapsychology from Duke University’s Rhine Research Center. She earned her MFA in creative writing from Lesley University.

A New York native, Claire now lives in Massachusetts with her husband of 40 years. When she’s not writing, she works for Tufts University in the field of scientific research. She is available for seminars and media interviews and loves to travel for book promotional events.

Media Links

Email:                          gem.writer@yahoo.com
Website:                      http://www.clairegem.com
Blogs:                          http://www.clairegem.wordpress.com
Facebook:                    http://www.facebook.com/clairegem.author
Twitter:                       http://www.twitter.com/gemwriter
Goodreads:                  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8284235.Claire_Gem
Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/2nabvbm


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