Tuesday, September 17, 2019

RaeAnne Thayne's New Christmas Story. #Giveaway.

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I received a paperback ARC of NYT and USA Today Bestseller RaeAnneThayne's new Christmas story. Coming Home for Christmas will be on sale September 24. If you like Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies I suggest you pre-order this one. I really don't want to give mine away.
I interviewed  RayeAnne several years ago and she told me one of her family traditions was to add a new Christmas book to their family collection every year. I want to Keep Coming Home for Christmas and add it to mine.
This heart-twisting story about why a woman disappeared from the small town of Haven Point seven years ago picked me up and wouldn't let me go.
When Elizabeth Hamilton walked out of her home one stormy night and disappeared many townspeople believe her husband had murdered her. Left alone to raise two small children there was nothing  Luke could do to dispel the whispers. When his FBI brother-in-law traced Elizabeth to a small town in Oregon, Luke had every intention of letting her stay lost. Until a hot-shot DA decides she's going to charge Luke with Elizabeth's murder.
Now, a week before Christmas, Luke has no choice but to bring Elizabeth back to Haven Point. He doesn't want to hear why she left or why she stayed away. He only wants to clear his name and end their marriage with a divorce.
Nothing is as simple as it seems. The woman  Luke finds who calls herself Sonia doesn't even look like his wife anymore. And that's as far as I am going with telling you the story. But it kept me reading for six hours straight. RaeAnne writes lovely Christmas stories and this is her best so far.
The thing is I always do a giveaway of the ARC. So here it is.  US Only, Sorry. Happy reading.

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  1. Decorating tree, playing Christmas music endlessly, A statue of Mary on a donkey with Joseph leading traveling around the livingroom till Christmas Eve ending up at the stable.And my hubby making several different kinds of fudge.

  2. I enjoy cooking with my mom. Sounds great. Lovely cover.


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