Tuesday, July 23, 2019

It;s Award Season and Maybe This Time is a Contender #Giveaway

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Maybe This Time was already a finalist for the 2019 RONE Awards in the Audiobook General Category. And thanks to you who voted, the eBook is a finalist for the 2019 Raven Awards in Romance Contemporary. Considering that there were 35 semifinalists, that an awesome achievement,

  • I am proud of my book and would love to offer you a free audio code, or a pdf ARC of Maybe This Time. If you want either, please email me at sueberger3 at gmail.com.
  • TIME TRAVEL? Worst birthday present ever!  
    London stage star Jennifer Knight’s
     life goes haywire when her genius niece sends her tumbling back in time from London in 2001 to 1988, bringing her face to face with her worst nightmare—her first husband.
    Now the only hope of righting the universe is to go forward in time and alter their future. Maybe this time Jen and Lance will get it right.
    “Charming, funny, a nice twist”
    “A great read written with originality and humor!
     “It's a little bit women's fiction, and a whole lot of romance.”
    “Two things about this book that are delicious: the idea of having a second chance with the love of your life AND the fact that the main character gets that chance in middle age.”
  • Happy Reading


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