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The Innocent Wife A Spicy Western Historical Romance Meet The Authors Plus Giveaway. ARC

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I invited Cici Cordelia over because The Innocent Wife, the latest romance in their Brides of Little Creede series released this month.
They sent me an ARC  This is the first book I've read in the Little Creede series. Generally, Western Romance isn't my thing, but I loved The Innocent Wife for the well-done plot, the cast of characters, and the historical accuracy, (I really love correct historical detail.) They have created a loveable, liveable world in Little Creede. Now I have to go back and read the first two. Five Stars. 

Now since this is a new release, Cici is giving away ARC's of the book to readers willing to leave a review. Why? More reviews equal better sales. The first book in the series, The Substitute Wife, has 122 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating. So this a wonderful deal for you. Cici, (Cheryl-Char) thank you for being here.
Hi, Susan. Thank you for having CiCi—alias Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko—over today to discuss her new release, The Innocent Wife, Book 3 in the Brides of Little Creede Series.

Some Backstory:
First, a little bit about the series and how it came about. Cheryl’s mother and aunt were talking about how her great-grandparents met, from way back. This sparked the idea for The Substitute Wife, Book 1 in the series. Now, she knew the hero was named Harrison, but her mother and aunt couldn’t remember the wife’s name and would get that to her later.
Char and Cheryl brainstormed and began the book, coming up with Retta for the heroine’s name. They were well into the plot when Cheryl’s aunt Crystal got back to her with the great-grandmother’s name. And yes, it was Retta, with even the same spelling.
Obviously this was a story that was meant to be told.
Unfortunately, even though Cheryl’s mother read the entire book as it was written, and loved it, she passed away a week before it was published. The Substitute Wife is dedicated to Cheryl’s mother, and will always hold a special place in her heart.
Then came Book 2, The Dance Hall Wife. Cheryl and Char had so much fun writing these two characters. Frank is bigger than life, and Cat is a woman who can more than take care of herself and doesn’t let Frank get away with being an ass. Though some of their readers found him a bit rough around the edges, he continues to be one of their favorite characters. Big and gruff, poor Frank can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth, though he has a heart of gold. He’s a true match for the strong-willed Catherine Purdue, who would never be satisfied with a weak man.
Book 3 in the series, The Innocent Wife, is a heartwarming tale of love, redemption, and family, with a good dose of danger and suspense. The heroine, Vivian, is the younger sister of Harrison and Frank, and has been sheltered and protected all her life. Joshua Lang is the sheriff with a dark past, who doesn’t believe he’s good enough for the innocent beauty. Vivian has other ideas on the matter and sets out to prove she’s more than the shy Miss her family perceives her to be.
The entire series is doing very well, and CiCi’s readers have asked Char and Cheryl to continue with the stories. So, even though originally envisioned as a trilogy, CiCi now has at least four more books planned, including a 2019 Christmas novella.

Research, Research, and More Research:
Probably the most Char and Cheryl has ever done regarding researching a book!
With historical fiction it’s a necessary thing. Even historical experts have to go dig up facts, and CiCi’s no expert on the past. The Internet, historical sites, Urban slang and Etymology dictionaries, sites on silver mining, 19th century food, clothing, tools, medical issues, sexual terminology . . . they’ve used it all. Char would find herself suspicious of clothing description and had to go dig. If Cheryl questioned a term, she’d start downloading sites. On and on it went, until the series was finished. They learned a lot, most of it very useful, some of it kind of odd . . . and all of it fun.
Reader enthusiasm for the series and its townsfolk has led to a clamoring for more of Little Creede. Char and Cheryl find they have plenty more stories to tell, and can’t wait to get started.
CiCi hopes everyone continues to read and enjoy The Brides of Little Creede Series.

In the Meantime:
 CiCi would love to share the gorgeous cover and link for The Innocent Wife, plus the blurb and an excerpt from Chapter One!

JOSHUA . . .
As the Sheriff of Little Creede, Joshua Lang has had his hands full more than once. Protecting his town from a criminal bent on destructive revenge. Keeping the peace when Little Creede grows too fast for its own good during the height of the silver mining boom. Trying to remember a certain beautiful, shy, and sheltered young woman is off-limits because she’s the baby sister of his two best friends.
VIVIAN . . .
For Vivian Carter, it’s not easy being the younger sister of the Carter brothers, two of the strongest, most honorable men she has ever known. But she’s a grown woman now, ready for a life—and love—of her own. In trying to assert her independence and claim her womanhood, she finds herself stymied by not only her brothers’ overbearing opinions, but the maddening habit Joshua Lang has, of pushing her away just as things between them start to get “interesting.”

Excerpt from The Innocent Wife:
Little Creede, Colorado

Heat shimmered off the tin roof of the new jailhouse. With no breeze to speak of, the closer Sheriff Joshua Lang got to the front of the building and its overhanging portico, the more he sweated. He whipped off his hat and blotted his damp forehead. Time to open all three windows and pray for wind.
Fishing out the key from his pocket, he unlocked the heavy wooden door and stepped inside, placing the battered Stetson on a side table. Unclipping his double holster, he hung it on a nail embedded in the wall behind his desk and opened all the windows before he dropped into the lumpy old chair he swore he’d replace one of these days. Wasn’t going to be today, for certain. Or next week or even next month, judging by how busy he’d found himself lately.
His town was growing, and not always in a good way. Joshua had dreaded the day Little Creede started behaving like a boom town, and that day had most definitely arrived. As he scraped his damp hair off the back of his neck to help the cooling process along, he peered out the side window, eyeing the fancy new building across from Doc Sheaton’s office. From here, he could see the scrolled frontage and a corner of the sign with the lettering, ‘Gleason’s Gambling Galleria’ painted in bold red.
The structure had gone up pretty fast, with a grand opening occurring later in the month. According to the local rumor mill, its owner had come in on the mid-week stage from Silver Cache, stood seven feet tall, boasted orange hair, and had been seen only once outside the newly-painted Galleria. Joshua figured that wild of a physical description must’ve been exaggerated somewhat. He had to admit, though, he was damned curious.
Townsfolk saw welcome revenue coming from such a sprawling gamblers’ establishment, as well as trouble. It was Joshua’s job to see that the revenue outweighed the trouble.
His all-encompassing sweep of the main thoroughfare took in Loman’s Mercantile and Millie’s Milliners, nestled side by side and newly whitewashed, though Silas Loman would have to reapply the lime mixture within the year. For now, in the sun the buildings shone. A thrilled Betsey Loman had given her red-faced husband a big, smacking kiss of thanks right on the sidewalk in front of several folks who’d make sure to tease poor Silas for weeks. Probably months.
The Miner Stage House flanked the corner, its wide porch and polished rockers inviting a person to sit a spell and enjoy the day. From an upper open window Joshua caught a rich, womanly laugh that could only belong to Lucinda Carter, his best friends’ mother and the Stage House’s hostess-manager. An answering murmur, deep and rough, blended briefly and abruptly cut Lucinda off in mid-chuckle. Grinning widely, Joshua kicked back in his chair, clasping his hands behind his head.
Sounds like Dub’s getting himself a bit of afternoon delight. We should all be so lucky—
Then Joshua glanced beyond the Stage House, to the opposite corner where a short trail led to Little Creede’s schoolhouse. As if conjured out of his wishful thinking, the door swung open and Vivian Carter stepped out onto the stoop, dark hair shimmering in the late-afternoon sun, carrying a straw broom.
Speaking of trouble . . .
Petite and dainty, dressed in something yellow, the sight of Harrison and Frank Carter’s little sister always clutched deep within Joshua’s heart. As far as he was concerned, the girl was forever beyond his reach.
Too innocent. Too lovely. Too . . . endearingly virtuous. And young, by God. So young. In years as well as in life experiences. Sometimes Joshua felt a hundred years old instead of a birthday shy of thirty.
He swung his chair away from the window, determined to put thoughts of Vivian out of his mind. Easiest way to do that was to vacate his office, turn in the opposite direction, and go looking for some kind of rabble to squash.

The Brides of Little Creede Series Can Be Found On Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/BOLCSeries

You can find CiCi Here:
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/HeartfeltRomance

Cheryl Yeko:
Website: https://cherylyeko.blogspot.com/ ‘Where Love Always Wins’

Char Chaffin:
Website:  https://charbchaffin.wordpress.com/ ‘Falling In Love is Only the Beginning’
Thank you for being here, CiCi. 
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  3. I enjoy learning those tidbits of history and learning what our ancestors went through. Thanks for this opportunity.


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