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Working on the CBS Comedy Mom . #giveaway totally unrelated book.

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Backstage at a TV show and a totally unrelated book giveaway. eBook of The Once and Future King (The book that spawned the musical Camelot and the Disney movie, the Sword and the Stone.) It was on sale last week and I bought a gift copy.

Last week I was on Mom. My few seconds of glory are on a video at the end of this post.
Mom, a CBS hit comedy,  is a multi-camera show normally filmed in front of a live audience at Warner Brothers Studio, stage 20. Multi-camera shows hire you for the week. (Oh Joy) even though you have one line.
I thought you might enjoy some backstage pictures. I love the acting and the writing on this show. It was a privilege to watch the work. My dream has always been to be a regular on a sitcom. I want to be second banana with a few really funny lines. They have some fabulous second bananas on this show.

Day One: I arrive for the read-through of the script. I have my own assigned parking spot! A full breakfast is available pre-read-through, including an omelet station.

Next comes the blocking rehearsal, followed by lunch and a run-through for producers and network executives. The writers revise the script, reworking jokes they feel didn't get the response they wanted. They do this all week. Every day there is a new script with the rewrites added.
After rehearsal, I go for a costume fitting.
Day two: More blocking and another rehearsal for the network. More wonderful food.
I wasn't required for Days three and four.
Day five: I arrived at 1:00 PM for makeup. Kentaro Yano, who did the tattoos for Black Panther gave me a series of wonderful tattoos. Allison Janney came in to get the spray tattoo for her back. So funny. (No pictures because that's part of the silence agreement which is part of my contract.)
We broke for Lunch

After lunch, Kentaro finished up the tattoos. And they shoot my scene.
The extras had real tattoos. But I thought mine were so cool.
Here is the final result. My Ten Seconds of Glory on Mom
You can't see all the wonderful work Kentaro did. That makes me sad. The work itself. Getting to be part of this cast made me very happy. What made you happy last week?
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