Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Travels Through Time and Space

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Kailua Beach, HI and the Crab festival in Port Angeles WA. Yum!
Walter appreciated the Leis

In the past three weeks I traveled from the glorious beaches in Hawaii to the snow-topped Olympic Mountains in Port Angeles Washington. Between trips I stopped home in Los Angeles, played with my grandson and spent a day at the 2018 InDScribed conference. That's what my physical body did.

My mental travels were more extensive. I flashed between 1840  Victorian London and a country manor 1940 World War II England rereading the third draft of Lord Bryon's Daughter before I write the last part of the story.
I thought I had finished the story before my critique partners unanimously said "No." I have to take Ada back to 1840 and show how the time travel affected her life in a Victorian Society.
In 1840 Augusta Ada Bryron chafed against the restrictions of Victorian Society. The real Ada was so far ahead of her time that she invented the first computer language more than a century before there was a machine that could use it. Alan Turing, the hero of the film The Imitation Game, used Ada's work to further his own.
A main theme in my novel is how much women as a sex are underrated, So Ada has to go back and change because of what she experienced in 1940. Ada changed the world during her lifetime. But no one knew she had done it until the mid twentieth century.
The battle for a woman to be accepted as an intelligent being worthy of equal treatment isn't new. If you'd like to read a fictional account of Ada's journey, here's a link to the first chapter. https://susanbjames.blogspot.com/p/lord-byrons-daughter.html
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