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Bombshell! Knockout! 99 cent Benefit and Pamela Fagin Hutchins

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Meet Pamela Fagan Hutchins, prolific Indy author who is part of a new romantic suspense box set Love Under Fire which you can pre-order now for a mere 99 cents. That's right, ninety-nine cents for  21 romantic suspense stories. All bound together to benefit a cause, Pets For Vets

Pamela is the author of the Ava trilogy and many others. I read Bombshell earlier this year and loved it. My review: 
Ava's got a new Fan! Did you ever meet a character so intriguing that you HAD to read more? That's how I feel about Ava. I became totally immersed in Ava's world and character. Eccentric, cranky, sexy, brilliantly talented, with a heart big enough to fill an island all by herself. I rooted for her every step of the way and I want to know what happens next.
Knockout is the third book in Ava’s trilogy within the What Doesn’t Kill You romantic mystery saga. If you like strong single mothers, glamorous celebrity lifestyles, and hard-hitting whodunits, then you’ll love Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ award-winning series. 

Pamela, tell us a little about yourself.
I write overly long e-mails and the What Doesn't Kill You romantic mystery trilogies from deep in the heart of Nowheresville, TX and way up in the frozen north of Snowheresville, WY. I’m passionate about hiking with my hunky husband and pack of rescue dogs (and an occasional goat and donkey), riding our gigantic horses, and experimenting with my Keurig.

If it isn’t too nosy, tell us about the first time you kissed your true love?
After working together as frenemies for four years, he asked me on a “sort of” date. When he was going to end the night without kissing me, I told him that there was a time to overthink and a time to be spontaneous, and challenged him to be spontaneous. I got my kiss, and a marriage proposal.

Other than your own, who are your favorite (heroes/heroines/writers) in your genre?
I consider myself a cross-genre writer, so this is especially hard. But I’ll have to stick with mystery and pick Craig Johnson, for his wonderful Longmire books.

What is the most exciting moment, so far, in your writing career?
Winning the 2017 Silver Falchion for Best Adult Mystery against a field of writers far better and more successful than me for my Fighting for Anna.

What is your favorite pastime, other than writing?

Riding my Percheron mare, with my husband Eric on his big Shire gelding, especially in the Bighorn mountains of Wyoming.

How do you motivate yourself when inspiration takes a vacation?

I skip forward and write whatever part of a book most intrigues me, then work my way backwards. And I write outside. That always helps me. As does working to a schedule. I find that inspiration most often occurs when I have my butt in a chair and am putting in the work.

Any advice for new writers just starting out?
Write. Write more. Rewrite. Understand that writing is rewriting. Then write some more.

Tell us about Knockout 

Knockout is the 3rd and final romantic mystery in my Ava trilogy.
A controversial tourist resort. An unsolved beachside murder. Does she have the pipes to blow the whistle on a deadly conspiracy?
Everyone wants a piece of Ava’s skyrocketing star power… including her serious boyfriend and her deadbeat baby daddy. But when she visits the future site of a controversial resort and stumbles upon a dead body, Ava thinks she’s finally found a worthy cause for her newfound celebrity. Determined to catch the killer and stop the construction of the eco-unfriendly tourist trap, she plans to put her sex symbol status to good use.
Infiltrating the resort chain gala’s celebrity guest list, she teams up with a heavyweight boxer to dig up dirt on the investors. But her investigation takes a critical hit when her ex sues for full custody. Faced with the possibility of losing her daughter, she may have to give up the flirty persona she’s put to good use in wheeling out secrets from under the noses of corrupt investors.
To solve the murder and save her career, Ava must find a new way to take down the multi-million-dollar nest of corruption before her dead body joins the construction heap.
Buy Knockout to step into the spotlight for a star-studded mystery today! 

What’s your current WIP?
I’m working on a romantic mystery trilogy featuring my train wreck of a former alt-country star-turned-junker, Maggie Killian, whose old flame shows up and turns her re-claimed life upside down. The mysteries are named Live Wire, Sick Puppy, and Dead Pile. Great titles.

And finally, where can we find you?
http://pamelafaganhutchins.com will lead you to my Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, and Facebook pages
Get free exclusives from me at https://www.subscribepage.com/PFHSuperstars , when you sign up for my newsletter.
Thank you for being here, Pamela. I checked out your website and I'm now a subscriber. 
Dear ones, don't forget to check out Amazon's #1 title in short stories Love Under Fire. Pre-order now and it will be delivered on November 13th to your reading app. Your 99 cents will benefit Pets for Vets.
Happy Reading.


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