Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Christmas in July! Rachel Sharpe's Latest Jordan James Mystery

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Rachel Sharpe has a new Jordan James mystery out. A Simple Misconception released on June 20th.  Rachel is guest posting about it today. And  you can win a copy of the series! Four books, people. I love series'. Enter below. 

It's hard for me to believe it's been four years since the world was first introduced to Jordan James, PI. Much has changed in that time, in both Jordan's life and my own. Since Cold Ambition, my debut novel, was released in 2014, I've had two children. This has given me a new perspective on life and on writing. As each book has been written, Jordan has grown as a character. I feel her experiences in the novels, as well as my own in real life, have helped develop both her character and her storyline. I love writing about Jordan, Jon, and all the characters in her world. While I wouldn't mind writing another story with a different cast of characters someday, right now, I'm happy to continue developing Jordan James. I hope readers will enjoy her latest adventure in Simple Misconception and many more to come in the future.

 Also from Rachel Sharpe:
COLD AMBITION, Available Now on Amazon!!!  http://www.amzn.com/B00L2OLQPG/
LOST DISTINCTION, Available Now on Amazon!!! http://www.amzn.com/B00Q5OGCS4
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“A Trip to the Big Easy Turns into a Big Nightmare…”
When private investigator Jordan James returns home to New Orleans for Christmas, she never imagined her holiday could end with kidnapping and death. As she begins to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a childhood friend, she unwittingly stumbles upon a dangerous, international syndicate. With lives at risk and time running short, Jordan must find a connection between these seemingly unrelated events if she ever hopes to find her friend.

While I stopped, he kept walking. Thanks in large part to the laws of both physics and gravity, when I stopped moving, but he continued, his sheer mass sent me flying forward. It happened too fast for me to cry out. I sailed forward, landing face first into the back of one of the couches before falling against the wooden floor. Hard. Staring up at the second floor balcony, I rubbed the back of my head. It felt tender right away. I groaned softly. Suddenly, Zane’s face came into view, but his attention was not on me.
Instead, he was staring past me, at the white couch into which I slammed. More accurately, he was staring at something on the couch. Ignoring the protests of agony my muscles and nerves exuded, I rolled onto my stomach. I pulled myself to my feet, using the couch for support. As soon as I leaned over, I saw her. She was dead.

Now that's a teaser! Rachel is graciously giving away a set of Jordan James books to one lucky reader. Enter below, Happy Reading and a Happy week to you.

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