Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Real Life Royal Romance #giveaway

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Claire McLaughlin of Little Bird Publicity asked if I would be interested in reviewing a bio of Prince Harry. Harry. Life, Loss, and Love. My answer? a resounding yes.
AND I have a copy to give away.
I didn't know much about Prince Harry and nothing at all about Meghan and I wanted to learn.
I felt close to the subject because I had recently been asked to audition for Queen Elizabeth II for a Lifetime Movie. (I know. I don't look like her. But makeup artists are miracle workers. Look at Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill.)
 The movie which premieres in May is called Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance.  And they seem to have cut the part of Queen Elizabeth II. Too bad. It was a really lovely scene. I so much enjoyed preparing the role for the audition.

Harry. Life, Loss, and Love is a fascinating look backstage with the Royals. Learning about how Harry grew into the role he now plays within the family was absorbing. And I LOVED the pictures.
One interesting fact for me. Apparently, Meghan and my son Christopher were at the Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse at the same time. It's a very small, wonderful school. I wish I remembered those years better.
Katie Nicholl gives us some sensitive insights into the private lives of the most publicised family in the world. Her writing is respectful and insightful. No wonder she is considered to go-to source on all things Royal.
I'm giving away a hardback copy to one lucky reader. (US only. Sorry.)
If you are interested
I'm off to film a movie in Syracuse. I wish you a joyful week and much happy reading. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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