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Kristan Higgins Now That You Mention It. #Giveaway

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Dearest Readers
A joyous 2018 to you. I'm giving you a chance to win the ARC of Kristan Higgins' Now That You Mention It. USA only, please. 
PLUS!!! Kristan is running her own giveaway which is much better than mine.
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Try this book if you like hilarious and heartbreaking women’s’ fiction. It’s chock full of snarky humor, smart writing, and interesting characters. I read way past my bedtime. There is definitely a happy ever after, but I truly hate heartbreaking, so while it’s excellent writing, I gave it Four Stars. If you like heartbreaking, you will probably give it Five.
Here's Kristan's description of it from her hilarious interview with Joyce Lamb at USA Today. (do follow the link. This is such a funny interview.)

What does a person do after being run down by a pest control van? One goes back home, of course, and reassesses life.

Nora Stuart has worked wicked hard to make a perfect life for herself in Boston after leaving her tiny island hometown off the coast of Maine. She’s a doctor, has a great apartment, a dog, friends, a pretty good boyfriend … and then she’s hit by Beantown Bug Killers Pest Control. In the moments after the accident, Nora decides to go back to Maine and make things right with her family. Her mom and she have never been close, her younger, once-beloved sister is now in jail, and that sister’s teenage daughter is living on the island for the summer. Nora decides she’ll set things right in one fell swoop … and find out what happened to her dad, who left the family when she was 11.

The hard part is, she’s not exactly the island’s favorite child. People have long memories, and way back when, Nora won a scholarship that was supposed to go to Luke Fletcher, her academic rival and high school crush. There’s still a lot of bad blood, especially since the Fletcher twins got into a car accident after Nora stunned the town by winning. She finds an unlikely ally in Luke’s twin, badly hurt in the accident, now a single dad of a girl who reminds Nora a lot of herself in high school.

As the summer unfolds, Nora finds herself face-to-face with memories of her childhood — as well as a traumatic event she’s tried to bury — learns that you can’t rewrite the past as much as you might want to, and maybe falls in love.

And of course, there’s a great big beautiful dog in the book as well.

Interested? Yes? Enter Kristan's giveaway above and my giveaway below. Happy Reading.
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  1. I’ve heard about this book and it sounds like really good reading.

  2. I never read this author before, I have no clue why, this book sounds great.

  3. Awesome author ! I have loved every book from beginning to end. I can't wait to read each page . And I can't ever guess what's going to happen . To me, that is the best kind of story !

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