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Time and Forever is September 2017 Book of the Month

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Time and Forever is September 2017 Book of the Month at TBRpile.
 I am thrilled. If you haven't read it, I am giving away a copy to a commenter who leaves an email address. Next week I have author Sophie Darling on my blog/ Happy reading and a happy week to all of you.

Title: Time and Forever

Author: Susan James 

Length: Novella 

Genres: Time Travel, Romantic Comedy
TBR Reviewer: Amy
Rating: 5 Stars - A Must Read!
Heat: 4/5 - Smoking Hot! 
When Lorena finds The Castle, which specializes in Virtual Reality adventures to any time era, she and her friend jump at the chance to play. When they walk through the open door to 1969's London, it's apparent they've walked into more than just a game...

This is such an amazing story. The best time-travel story I’ve ever read! Time traveling back to 1969 under the pretense of a virtual reality experience provides these two women in their sixties another chance at love. Sherry returns at a time to take a chance she didn't take with Jeremy on the tube. They shared one kiss together and that has been her biggest regret.

Lorena, goes back with Sherry to London, however she returns home. While home she decides to spend time with her deceased husband Dave in California. They both take chances that, they didn't the first time around and really enjoy life to the fullest. What they didn't realize is that this virtual reality game is no game at all. I can't explain the twist because it'll give too much of the plot away but it is fabulous! I thought the idea and story is fresh, new and exciting. Both Sherry and Lorena have amazing stories. I must say I am shocked at how everything turns out. I’m glad that they are able to step back in time and go after what is important to them!

The author does an amazing job writing this story with such an interesting take on time-travel and virtual reality, making this a five star read!


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