Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Adventures in La La Land # giveaway.

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It's Monday and I had a lovely Labor Day weekend visiting friends in Orange County and then in Thousand Oaks. What I failed to remember was that I had a post due.

Last week Thursday, I signed a contract with Stephanie Bentley to narrate the audio book of Maybe This Time. Stephanie narrated Time and Forever and I love her work. This week I am giving away two free copies of the audiobook of Time and Forever.
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Other things I did last week.

Monday, I had a life cast made of my shoulders so the makeup department could make me a second head. (Next week I am playing an alien waitress on another planet. If the pilot sells, I will say more.) Now I can't wait to see what my second head looks like.

Tuesday, I had a meeting of my romance critique group, did some volunteer tutoring at an after school program and revised my current ms.
Wednesday I drove to Ventura to see All Saints, (a wonderful feel-good movie about a real life story.) with my friend, Don. I wanted to see it because my wasband, Barry Corbin, is a co-star. We both loved it.
Friday I got some revising done and I found out via Facebook that I was in a movie that came out on Friday. I Do . . .Until I Don't. Why didn't I know, you might ask? Because the movie I did with Lake Bell was called What's the Point? I did it last year and I didn't know they'd changed the name of the movie.

Saturday My friend Andrea Loney put on a wonderful book signing event for her new picture book, Take a Picture of Me, James Vanderzee at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena. Walter and I attended and Andrea autographed his copy.
I also finished reading a wonderful novel called The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster. Weird and wonderful. I am so grateful my friend and critique partner, Kelly Hartog loaned it to me. I highly recommend it.
Enter the Rafflecopter if you want to win an audiobook. Stephanie did a great job.
If you could have done one thing this week that you didn't do what would it have been?

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