Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Five Things I'm Grateful for Right Now.

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Fast and Fuzzy post. Cause I'm running late on all fronts. Feel free to ask for a giveaway.


 I rejoice in the time I get to spend with my sons and their families. Right now. I get to see Chris , Melanie and Walter in person and Jim and Ella by Phone or Facebook.

Friends Last week I got to spend time in Ventura with Don and time at home with the Lovejoys.  
And on the way to and from Ventura, I had speakerphone chats with faraway dear ones.
FaceBook. I get to see pics videos of my far-flung covey of family and friends.

Fellowship. Last week was the monthly meeting for my caring circle where we celebrate food and each other. It was also the monthly meeting for the Los Angeles Romance Writers of America. (LARARWA) where I got some wonderful promotion tips from speaker, Jewel Quinlan.
And it was the Book Birthday for Jennie Palmer's first published picture book. The Wompanny Witches Make One Mean Pizza.
Our Picture Book Critique Group turned out along with a full house of patrons at Once Upon a Time Bookstore in Montrose to cheer her on.
 Features. I worked on two films last week and auditioned for three roles on TV series. I got pinned for Speechless. But they dropped the pin yesterday while I was working on a film called Roads Trees, and Honeybees at Fonco Studios.
Oh well. Next. I really love acting.
Here's the restroom sign from Fonco Studios which is filled with fabulous props. I want to work here again.
 Peace to us all. Friends, Foes, and Aliens. Next week I have Robyn Carr and a giveaway.


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