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Tropical Tryst with Linda O'Connor

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I just pre-ordered my copy of Tropical Tryst which releases August 1st on all platforms. 
I ordered this 25 story-boxed set because it contains a novella by one of my favorite authors, Linda O’Connor, who is guesting on my blog.
Perfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series novella)
If the thought of twenty five stories for .99 cents appeals to you, you can visit www.tropicaltryst.com for special pre-order giveaways and join the Tropical Tryst Facebook page for updates and a chance to win Tropical Tryst swag!

I met Linda O'Connor at the 2015 RWA Convention. Both of us were published by Soul Mate Publishing. I read her debut novel, Perfectly Honest  and loved it. It was a delightful romance with a background of what it's like to be a Canadian doctor. Her second book in the series, Perfectly Reasonable was even more of a delight. (In checking these links, I realize Linda's written four more "perfectly' books. Yay. More for me to read.

Linda O’Connor started writing a few years ago when she needed a creative outlet other than subtly rearranging the displays at the local home décor store. It turns out she loves writing romantic comedies and has a few more stories to tell. When not writing, she’s a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic (well, even when she is writing she’s a physician, and it shows up in her stories :D ). She hangs out at www.lindaoconnor.net.
Laugh every day. Love every minute.

What inspires you as an author? Everything! News stories, headlines, snippets of conversations I hear, lyrics of songs, watching people and putting a story behind their body language or expression – they all inspire my imagination. I’m a physician, and I started writing because I wanted to find a fun way to disseminate medical information. My characters are often doctors, and the problems their patients present with are usually inspired by something I want to teach.

What type of romance do you love most, and why? I love romantic comedies because I love being in a fun headspace when I’m writing. I usually read for relaxation and feel better when the book is upbeat. I think laughter is essential to great health!

Name one interesting thing you learned in researching/writing your last book? My latest story is Perfectly Skeptical, a Perfectly Series novella. It’s part of the Tropical Tryst boxed set and all the stories needed to have a tropical setting. I’ve been to Grand Cayman Island twice, and it’s one of my favourite places. I went once with my son and once with my mom and sisters and both vacations were wonderfully relaxing. For this story, I used a lot of what I experienced on Grand Cayman – the snorkeling, the flowers, the trees, the people, and the gorgeous beaches – but I wanted a small town vibe so I thought the smaller Little Cayman Island would be perfect. I just had to do a bit of research about what’s on the island!

Name two things people don’t know about you? I don’t drink coffee. I make earrings as a hobby (it’s handy for gifts!).

What one piece of advice do you wish you’d had when starting out? Once you become published, your time is split between writing and promotion. So I wished I had a series of at least 3 books completed before I start querying publishers. It would have given me a cushion of finished work when things became busy. And I wished I’d taken courses on promotion and marketing! Oh,Oh, so do I !!!!!

About Perfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series novella)
Dr. Brianna Scott looked forward to sleeping away her staycation, until a lucky windfall meant an upgrade to palm trees, an ocean view . . . and the sexy Dr. Matt Gaelen. She’ll play and have fun, but can a holiday fling really turn into a soul mate for life? Doubtful.

Matt has no radar for sniffing out gold-diggers and protecting his heart. Until now. Brianna is more turned off than turned on by his wealth. What are his chances of getting her to overlook it? Dubious at best.

Improbable and uncertain, iffy and unlikely – the typical path to love.

Perfectly Skeptical is one of 25 brand new sexy romances in the Tropical Tryst Boxed Set. Escape with us to a hot and tropical setting for only 99 cents. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released Aug. 1. Can’t wait to share Perfectly Skeptical with you!
 I'm looking forward to getting my copy. Yours is the first story I will read. Thank you for being here. 99 cents, dearest readers. How can you resist?
Happy Reading!

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Linda loves to connect with readers:  Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Amazon Author Page   |   Newsletter
 In case you need the long version:
Website:  http://www.lindaoconnor.net
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LindaOConnorAuthor
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/LindaOConnor98

Blog: http://www.lindaoconnor.net/news-muse-and-interviews/

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  1. Thank you so much Susan! I'm so glad we met in person at RWA. It's been really fun following your career(s) - acting and writing - and I can't wait to read your latest release, Maybe This Time!


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