Tuesday, March 21, 2017

California Dreaming

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This Friday through Sunday is the California Dreaming Writer's Conference.
Robyn Carr and Sarah MacLean are the headliners. (Oops. Went into acting mode.) Robyn Carr and Sarah MacLean are the keynote speakers.
I am looking forward to this event for several reasons.

 Robyn Carr is one of my "keeper" authors. I have an ARC of her next book, Any Day Now on my bookshelf and I plan to get it signed.

My manuscript Kate's Hero is one of five finalists in the California Hooker's contest.

And I am presenting a workshop on Sunday at noon. Exorcising Your Inner Critic: Improv for Writers.
That's because my other career is acting. Pamela Dumond suggested that readers might be interested in that.
So I made up a collage postcard
Major Crimes, Mama Pantone, and the Real Butcher from American Horror Story

I chose the images because (Top right) I am the victim on Major Crimes this week. (Wednesday, 10:00 PM on TNT) As it happens, GW Bailey who plays Lieutenant Provenza is also my sons' godfather and this is the first time we've worked on the same show.
The two images under that:
Mama Pantone from Tim and Eric's Bedtime stories has to be one of my favorite roles. Someone else who loved the shop uploaded the clip I linked to and it went viral.
The Real Butcher AHS Roanoke.
I added this picture because I think the makeup is by the brilliant Mike Mekash is amazing. This year I killed Kathy Bates on American Horror Story on Roanoke. 
I did 4 episodes, but the one where I first appear and kill Kathy is the best. It was a great pleasure to work with Kathy again. We first worked together in 1979 at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

I have been working a lot lately as an actor. This clip is from Life in Pieces which aired a couple of weeks ago.

There are more videos on my acting website SusanBergerActor.com (Since I also aspire to voiceover acting, I must have a website.)
I also have a YouTube Channel where I can store my clips.  Being a working actor is part of my California Dreaming.  And it continues to come true.

I am one of sixty authors taking part in the Barbara Vey Reader event and I think it's going to be great fun. I share a table with the delightful and prolific and funny Pamela Dumond.
I'll be signing Time and Forever at the book-signing that follows the event. I don't have an ARC of Maybe This Time yet, but I have a postcard of the cover and blurb.

Maybe This Time
A Second Chance Romance
Their Happy Ever After is over before it begins. Unless they can change time. 
Popular London stage actress Jennifer Knight would rather eat worms than face her first husband.
But when her niece Kat accidentally sends herself and Jen thirteen years into the past, she has no choice but to accept Lance’s help.
Computer guru, Lance Davies is more comfortable with machines than people. He never knew how to handle his beloved, mercurial Jen. But now her future self is here in front of him and he wants another chance.
Jen’s torn. Her traitorous body insists that home is in Lance’s arms, but her heart has trust issues
Can two people whose timelines are thirteen years apart find a future where they can be together?

If you would be interested in receiving a PDF ARC of Maybe This Time, in return for a review on Amazon or Goodreads, please let me know in a comment.

Wish me luck.


  1. Entertaining post! I enjoy reading about all your adventures.
    Congrats on your upcoming release...Maybe This Time sounds delicious. I'd love to read and review it. Feel free to send the arc. My email: guidoccioj (at) bell (dot) net

  2. I wish I was going to Barbara Vey this year just so I could meet you. I'm from Wisconsin

  3. Hi Susan! I use to live in Culver City about two blocks from the studio. Use to walk past it on the way to school. ☺️


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