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Who are your favorite Romance authors.

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I have so many authors I read. I have fewer that I read over and over. I thought I would try a post on some of the authors I cannot part with.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I think I have everything SEP ever wrote and I read many of them over and over again. She's always been good but she's grown so much over the years. Many of her books feature a really great B story line
Natural Born Charmer and This Heart of Mine both feature older couples as B stories and I adore them.  Her dialog is fabulous, her heroines feisty and her plots wonderful.  Many of her books feature characters from her other novels which makes them into one huge family and I love revisiting the people I've grown to love in minor roles in her new books.
I've pre-ordered her latest book, Heroes are My Weakness  and I can't wait.

Jayne Anne Krentz aka Amanda Quick aka  Jayne Castle

I've read all of her books. The ones I like best are the ones which feature telepathic links of some sort between the heroine and the hero. (When I was younger, my ambition was to be rich, thin and telepathic. I've achieved none of these but I like reading about them.) All of her books have a mystery in the background. In the past few years, she's come out with three books per year, one under each name. Each features a hero and heroine with a PSI Talent and and organization called The Arcane Society, Her heroes have a sense of irony. Her heroines are intelligent and the mysteries are great fun.
While I read all three of her styles, I have a special weakness for her futuristic world novels written as Jayne Castle. Her newest book,  The Hot Zone  comes out August 26th and yes, I pre-ordered it.

Lynn Kurland    Lynn has two worlds. Time Passages and The Nine Kingdoms
I am partial to the world which contains the de Piaget and MacLeod books All of the MacLeod and most of the de Piaget  feature Time travel.  The first of them is A Dance Through Time
Over the course of the books many medieval heroes and heroines have been brought forward it time. Other members of the modern families end up going back in time and staying there.
I love her medieval world and I love best when medieval heroes or heroines are brought to the modern world. Her romance level is sweet. No overt sexual scenes. But the love is wonderful. She has made a wonderful set of time travel rules. Reading Lynn Kurland and Robert Heinlein's Door into Summer taught me I got to make up my own time travel rules.  Lynn's latest book Dreams of Lilacs  is a medieval de Piaget book featuring many of the characters I love.

Who are your favorite authors and why? Please leave a comment telling me. You'll be entered in the Rafflecopter giveaway of three audio books of Time and Forever
The audio book came out while I was on my way to Brazil and I couldn't share my joy till I came home. Stephanie Bentley, the narrator did a wonderful job.
I am sleep deprived, so I'd better stop. (nineteen hours in transit from Abadiania, Brazil to Los Angeles)
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