Tuesday, May 5, 2020

How Are You Doing?

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It's week whatever - depending on when your state's quarantine started. How are you doing? Do you hate the idea of a "New Normal" as much as I do? I want the old normal back.
One of my favorite moments last week was when Jayne Ann Krentz mentioned Irish Magic on her Facebook Page. 
Jayne Ann Krentz
Need a break? Want something warm and lighthearted to read? Like your romance spiked with a little magic? Try Susan B. Jame's IRISH MAGIC. (Now available on Audible.)

Life imitates art. 💔  I wrote about a moment like that in Irish Magic when Kate's favorite author mentions Kate book on her blog. 

An email from her agent emitted a siren call. Congratulations, you made the top twenty bestsellers on Amazon. I don’t know how you got her to do it, but she gave you a great review.
Who? Kate clicked on the link Rhoda embedded and froze looking at her favorite author’s well-read Facebook page. Andrea Saint Claire had posted a link to Miss Minerva takes a Dare and told her readers to check it out.
Kate stared at the thumbnail of the Miss Minerva cover—a glimpse of red curls and a wisp of dress and a hand holding out a string of pearls. Andrea Saint Claire liked her book. Someone whose work she adored liked her novel.
Kate floated to the fridge and got out the Coke she’d bought. Flipping the top, she raised the can in the air. “Here’s to me. I can do this.”

If any of you want a free review copy here is the link. Review copy Audiobook Irish Magic

I am still in Michigan helping my son Jim with Ella.
Ella is eight and on the autism spectrum which in her case means mostly non verbal with many total meltdowns.She needs to be watched every waking moment and with the Kalamazoo Autism Center closed it's a hard job. I've been here since April 13th. I am proud of everything I have managed to get done and I forgive myself for not finishing the edit on Lord Byron's Daughter.

Did you know May was Mental Health Month among other things? If anyone has any to spare I will take some.
Here'a list of May Holidays from one of my favorite sites. https://www.brownielocks.com/may.html
 This week includes Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo and Mother's Day. I am betting you celebrate at least one of these. I celebrate all three. I love celebrations. Yesterday was the 4th. (Star Wars Use the 4th)
Jim filmed a 10 second video to celebrate an obscure character reference in Star Wars
I bought the ingredients for a Mexican Feast for Cinco De Mayo today. An there is an outside chance we may get to watch a movie.
Mother's Day I am leaving up to Jim.
All of us had moms.  I hope you celebrate all the wonderful memories you have of your mom this week. If you have bad meories, I hope you forgive them. I have both kinds of memories and I am happiest when I concentrate on the good ones. I hope my children do that for me

Mom and me. 1944
Mom Me and Alex 1949  Mom was divorced and came to Paris to leard to cook at Cordon Bleu

Jim and me 1979
I'd say this was 1984. I was exhausted. The seem happy.
I wish you all beautiful celebrations, big and small. The best celebration is that we are here right this moment and brething. The world holds infinite possibilities and one day this Quarantine will be a distant memory. I look forward to that.
What's your best memory this week?

Chris and me 1984


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