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Meet Samanthya Wyatt and The Firefighters of Station #8

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THE FIREFIGHTERS OF STATION #8 Passions soar and desires burn hot, yet each is afraid to surrender to love. Five Men - Five full-length books. Together, the hero and heroine overcome their inner conflict to achieve love completely unaware there is a more dangerous peril—one man’s revenge. 
Please welcome author, Samanthya Wyatt. She's giving away a copy of either book one or book two of her Firefighters of Station 8 series. See the Rafflecopter toward the end of the post. Samanthya, please tell us a bit about you.

Thank you, Sue, for inviting me to be on your blog. 

Let’s see, a bit about me. I was born and raised in Virginia. When I graduated, I married a military man, we traveled the United States and abroad. Ever since I can remember, I have loved curling up with a book. When I was young, I wrote poems and short stories. When my children were in high school, I started writing again. It took years before I gained the courage to submit my work. My first book ‘The Right One’, was published in 2014. Since then I’ve had ten books traditionally and indy published. 
I love firsts, so tell me about the moment when a publisher told you they wanted to publish your book.
I remember that first call. I received a phone call from an unidentified number. Nowadays, we all tend to ignore numbers we don’t recognize, but I took a chance. I was congratulated on my MS being a finalist in the Golden Rose Contest. I think I was as excited then as the day when my “Hook” resulted in a request for a full, and then offered a contract. Of course, getting a contract was huge. I did a little dance, and voiced/yelled my happy thoughts while I punched my fist in the air. LOL, Then I called hubby and said, “Let’s go celebrate.”

Even though historical romance is my first love, I also write contemporary romance with suspense. There is a lot of research that goes into historicals, but don’t be fooled. I do a lot of research for my contemporary books as well. Especially for my current firefighter series. I interviewed some real fireman for the research and background information so I can be as accurate as I can in writing this series. Each book is based on a firefighter with a love story all his own.

Creating characters and bringing two people together in a romantic tale gives me great pleasure. If you’re like me, I like strong characters. It’s a challenge trying to invent conflict, but I like surprising my readers with the unexpected. Of course, adding a bit of humor keeps the readers interested with active scenes.

I’ve been asked if I model my characters after real people in my life. My husband gets a kick out of this. But I have to admit, I make up my characters. Strong, hot guys are always appealing, but understanding the inner personality of the hero and heroine gives depth to the story. My characters are fictitious, however, I’ve drawn on real-life experiences in attaining the emotion for my characters.

Advice for new writers just starting out? No# 1. Join RWA. From there you learn to do a number of things. You can join chapter groups, critique groups, you’ll find friends and receive a lot of help. Take every workshop offered—GMC, POV, character interviews, etc. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t expect success overnight. It is a long, hard process. Don’t give up.

As for me, I’m determined to keep writing and hopefully publish more books.
I write because I enjoy it. And because I hope to give someone else the pleasure of a romance. Whether you want to escape reality or just live in the moment of fantasy, I hope you will enjoy a few hours of reading one of my books. Get lost in the pages of a romance. 

Here are the blurbs for the first two books in the Hot Firefighters series. If you click on the links, you can use Amazon's Look Inside Feature to read the beginnings. (I love this feature.)

“MIKE” The Firefighters of Station #8 – book 1

Mike Armstrong puts his life on the line every day but he doesn’t like being called a hero. Fighting fires is his job.  It’s in his blood. A profession that has made him a confirmed bachelor—until a certain female lights a fire under his skin. 
Cassie Peters spends her days teaching children and her nights dreaming of Mr. Right. Shy and self-conscious of her curvaceous body, she keeps men at a distance—until she meets the sexy firefighter who keeps her awake at night.
Passions soar and desires burn hot, yet each is afraid to surrender to love. Together, they overcome their fear of rejection, completely unaware there is a more dangerous peril. A thirst for vengeance threatens the firefighters of Station #8 placing Mike and Cassie directly in the line of fire. 

“SHEP” The Firefighters of Station #8 – book 2

Can the hot firefighter prevent her ex from taking her children while trying to find the enemy who has targeted Station #8?
Shep, the captain of Fire & Rescue Station #8, devotes his time and energy to fighting fires and rescuing victims. At the age of thirty-six, he’s spent the last fifteen years without a woman turning his world upside down. Tammy needs his help. And damned if he doesn’t like the idea of being tormented by the sexy redhead.
Tammy’s ex threatens to take her boys away. She needs a lawyer – fast. Through her best friend, she finds an attorney. But his brother is the one she wants. A hunk and a firefighter who creates a burning flame in her.
Can Shep and Tammy conquer their own impediments, or will vengeance intercede as the captain desperately attempts to find the man threatening the firefighters of Station #8? 
Interested? Enter the rafflecopter.
Thank you for being here, Samanthya. 
I love to hear from readers. To find out more about me and updates on my books, please visit my website: http://samanthyawyatt.com

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