Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More research

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More adventures in research. Yesterday we went down to East 8th street to lay a brick for my cousin Lawrence who died last year. His brother James made the brick, incorporating some of Lawrence's ashes. Old friends from the neighborhood turned up.
 The slums that stood on either Ansley and Kelly's old house have been replaced by two beautiful memorial gardens. One of the was started by Ansley and her husband Kelly,  Kelly died a few years  His memorial brick lies a few feet from his son's.
366 E 8th st. Sold for a million dollars  a floor a few years ago.

 We ate lunch by Tompkins Square Park. I walked over from the East Village to the West Village.
  I  am torn between two doorways. I have listened to the sounds of the street. An back story for Kate is replanting itself in my brain. Why do I want to get her space right?
Well back in the day there was a TV series called That Girl starring Marlo Thomas. She played an unemployed actress and her apartment was insanely nice. Not possible on an unemployed actress's salary. Then in the 1980's came a movie called Big.  I had no problem accepting Tom Hanks was a 12-year-old in an adult body. But the apartment he lived in? Belief flew out the window. "WHERE DID HE GET THAT SPACE?" screamed out of every New Yorker and former New Yorker's brains.
If Kate has found an affordable space in Manhattan, I have to have a good explanation.

Which would you choose


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