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Meet Therese Gilardi, and her YA novel, Narvla's Celtic New Year

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novel, Narvla’s Celtic New Year. I am delighted that Therese is offering to give away a paperback to one lucky blog reader. I loved Narvla and didn’t want to give away my copyTherese, please tell us about yourself:
I am obsessed with Irish music, the Paris metro and blue cameos. I live in a sunny house with my Irish husband, fluffy dogs, Viennese hare and far too many paperbacks. I love biking along the beach and train travel. Although I hate heights my favorite place in Ireland is Slieve League Cliffs in Co. Donegal, which is not far from my mother’s ancestral home.
The moment a publisher said they wanted to print your book:
Although I am now a novelist, I began my writing career with short fiction pieces and creative non-fiction. I am also a published poet. I got “the call” in 2011 when Astraea Press offered me a contract for my paranormal romance “Matching Wits With Venus” which is the story of a Hollywood matchmaker who vies with the Roman deity Venus to see who is the real goddess of love.

Favorite writers in your genre: I adore the work of Stephanie Perkins. And I love Marian Keyes. Love, love, love her work. She is so adept at making me laugh and cry within the same paragraph. And I really like the work of Brenna Briggs, who is my idol in the world of indie publishing. All of these authors are unfamiliar to me. so I linked to their Amazon Pages. I want to explore them, when I have time.

Most exciting moment in your writing career so far:
An anthology I contributed to called “Knowing Pains” was featured on NBC’s “Today” show which was huge. I think the most exciting thing, though is coming in late July. I will be appearing alongside Brenna Briggs and several other Irish authors at the Dublin Irish Festival. I can’t wait! If you’re going to the festival, please drop by and say hello.

Favorite pastime:
I love the indie music scene. I really enjoy going to shows at venues all over L.A.

How do you motivate yourself when you need to?
How do I motivate myself? Lawyers don’t have trials postponed because they “lack motivation”. EMTs don’t refuse to wait for “inspiration” before they answer distress calls. So why should we writers be any different?
Advice for new writers:
Stick with it! Study your craft and read as often and as widely as possible. Write as widely as you wish – you can be a poet, novelist, essayist, and playwright if you want.
Your genres:
I am published in paranormal romance, as well as young adult. My upcoming works are young adult, new adult, and middle grade.
Latest release: “Narvla’s Celtic New Year” is the story of a step dancing champion who finds love, loss and adventure when she spends her senior year in Dublin after her mother is named
 U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. “Narvla’s life is as precisely choreographed as the routines that have made her a national step-dancing champion. She has a loyal best friend, a devoted boyfriend, and a lock on admission to her dream college, the University of Notre Dame. Until her mother is named U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, and her life unravels. First Narvla receives a disturbing picture of her boyfriend and her best friend. Then she struggles to qualify for the Irish elite step-dancing squad, and her grades plummet. But the biggest obstacle in Narvla’s new life is Dublin Boy, a cheeky musician with a disdain for academics and a distrust of Americans. Although Narvla is upset when she’s paired with Dublin Boy for the most important semester of her life, her real concern is the growing attraction she feels toward him. As the Celtic New Year unfolds, Narvla is pushed to abandon her lifelong need for control and embrace the charm of the unexpected.”
As you know, I love your book. I recognized many of the places you described in Dublin. Did you get to go to Dublin to research?
I wrote parts of "Narvla's Celtic New Year" while in Dublin and Co. Donegal. I'm married to an Irish man, with whom I lived briefly in Dublin (and for two years, he commuted between Ireland and France, where the kids and I lived).
Did you already have a connection to step dancing?
My connection to step dancing is that I love it - and could never imagine doing it myself, although I did take tap dancing as an adult.
Why did you decide to self publish?
I rescinded a contract for "Narvla's Celtic New Year" because I wanted to own the characters ("Narvla" is the first in a trilogy) and I wanted to control every aspect of publication.
Where did your find your editor?
My editor is a young woman who has worked with the big five in NY, I am using her again on "Fading" - she is really talented, and had me sign a confidentiality agreement I would not show anyone her corrections. I got her through a friend of a friend.
Where did your find your cover artist?
Elaina Lee is my cover artist. She is fantastic. She did the cover for my paranormal, "Matching Wits With Venus" which was released by Astraea Press in 2011. She has just completed the cover for my yet to be released MG "Isabelle The Imaginist" and will do the cover for "Fading In France" soon. 
Thank you for being here, Therese. 
I love to connect with readers! Please join me on Twitter @ThereseGilardi
My website is http://theresegilardi.com
Therese is offering a copy of Narvla's Celtic New Year to one lucky blog reader. You know the drill, peoples. Please enter below.

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  1. Super interview, gals! Therese, my dad and his wife live in Co Clare, Ireland. It's wonderful each time I can travel over, see the sights. I am infatuated with Galway area, and Cork. The history and lore of Ireland is as special and unique as its myths and magic. The people are fantastic. Once upon a time I used to do the Irish Celtic dance, but no more. (knees, age, etc...) Oh well, still beautiful to watch. Recently I wrote a YA/NA book and it's amazing the number of readers in their 30's and even 40's who like it. What a surprise. Perhaps we recall when we were that young and innocent and brave. Congrats on what surely is a great book. Thank you, Sue, for hosting Therese.

  2. I loved the interview and I also love Irish music :) I'd love to read the book, it sounds really good.


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