Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3 Good Things Post

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This is my 3 Good things post and, of course, I have a giveaway.
I have three careers: Actor, Romance Writer, Children's book writer. Last week was a great week for all three.
Sunday, July 24th I had a great critique group meeting and my partners liked my pages. I was really worried whether or not those pages would pass muster because I took the story to a place I wasn't sure they'd follow.
Sunday night, my Ray Donovan episode was on Showtime.
Thursday I shot the first of two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
We were on location in Sylmar and my trailer was amazing.


I had a TV and Blu-Ray player, and a fireplace. Also a fridge and a microwave. There was  a bathroom with a shower. And a wonderfully comfortable black leather sofa, long enough to stretch out on. The only thing missing was a closet to hang the costumes.
I have no set pics because my call sheet said NO PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY.
I have pics of three of my costumes. I wish I could have taken pics of the cast. I got to work with Rhea Perlman, one of my favorite actresses. Maya Rudolph and Betsy Sodaro are also in this episode but I didn't work with them. I am sorry cause I love their work.
 (Rhea and I were power-walking with Captain Holt. I had four costumes because there were four scenes. It was 99 degrees and I got to wear velour sweats and heavy sweats. The costumer kept me supplied with ice packs. I stuck one in my bra and one in the waistband of my sweatshirt.) Despite the physical discomfort, I had a wonderful time. The cast and crew were all lovely.

Friday and Saturday I attended the SCBWI Summer Conference at the Historical Biltmore Millenium in downtown Los Angeles. My critique partner Hilde Garcia booked a room for the occasion. It was her birthday weekend, and I got to room with her Friday night.  I saw Andrea Welsh, my edition from Beach Lane books and she said she would be checking on the progress of my illustrator. (Happy dance. I didn't know I actually had an illustrator yet.) Friday evening was the Golden Kite dinner.
Saturday evening was the Hollywood Glamour ball. And I go to wear my tiara. Not too many occasions where you can wear a tiara these days. I asked Richard Peck if we could have a picture together.

 When I got home Saturday night, Lynda Burch, the publisher at Guardian Angel Publishing had sent me the cover picture for Mom Is There a Santa Claus and I loved it.  KC Snider is the illustrator and I adore her work. And I had a new five star review for Time and Forever.

Yesterday I shot my scene in the second episode. I had the same wonderful trailer and the same wonderful crew and cast. Lunch was delicious. It was only 92 degrees. I got to wear a short sleeved running costume. And I had time to watch Roy Rogers on my TV.
I also had two more auditions last week. And baby sitting duty so my son would go work on Adam Ruins Everything.
Walter's new head shot. It's time this child started earning college money.
Babysitting Walter is a joy. This is a lot more than three good things.
Now it's time to to get to work on the things I haven't done. I have two reviews to write  - LARA's short story anthology, Summer Sizzle and Tracy A Wood's Midnight Angel.  Right now I'm reading Jayne Ann Krentz's Illusion Town and having the best time. I have to put my new head shots on my actor website (as you can see from the look of this post, formatting is not one of my best skills) And I have a LOT of revision to get through on both my romance novels.
 I have one good thing for you. Enter below. I wish you a week of good things. Leave me a comment about one of them.
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