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Free Libraries and a Giveaway

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 My neighborhood had a Free Library. I hear they are popping up all over. It's the best idea I've heard in a long time. I checked the books, put in some of my own and went home to Google where the idea started. I was directed to LittleFreeLibrary.org

 Their mission statement is:
"To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide and to build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations. " 
The dream's coming true in my neighborhood. My neighborhood loves the library.Wednesday evening on my walk, I saw an older woman and a teenage girl sitting on the bench provided, reading a recipe book. I think the book was in English, but the girl was translating to to her Grandmother in Spanish. On my daily walk, I check to see if the books are changing. They do. Frequently.  
We have two boxes on adjacent lawns. Currently the shelves include picture books, chapter books, essays, romances, thrillers. (I didn't put the JD Robb in there. It's a thrill to see a familiar book. The entire Chronicles of Narnia are on the shelf right now. Woot!)
I walked over every day this weekend, hoping to catch up with some more neighbors sitting on the bench. But it's a holiday weekend.
I added more books today. Some I got from the 2015 RWA Conference. Three were from the RITA judging. My biggest thrill was sharing my extra copy of Robert Heinlein's book, Red Planet. It's a YA. I don't think many people read Heinlein anymore and he's a wonderful story teller.

The other thrilling discovery I made recently is the fabulous selection of eBook romances I can download from both the Los Angeles and Burbank Public Library. Straight to my Kindle app and no late free ever. I don't make enough money to support my habit and this really helps. I want to find out how to get my eBook and Audio books of Time and Forever added to their stash.
In honor of all this free stuff. I'm giving away an eBook and a paperback copy of Time and Forever.  (If you click the preview link on Amazon, you can also listen to a preview of the audio book. That's new.)
Time and Forever is a finalist in the RONE Awards for Best Time Travel Book. The award ceremony is Sept 19th in Palm Springs. I'm going because it will be an adventure and I get to dress up and spend the night at The Marriot Renaissance.  I'm bringing formal clothes and a bathing suit and expectations of a fabulous time.
Rafflecopter Below. But First: A Blurb and an Excerpt.
 1969. Love was free, man walked on the moon, and Sherry and Lorena found the loves of their lives. Sherry shared a kiss that dreams were made of, with a stranger on the tube in London. And ran away. Lorena found the love of her life in Los Angeles and married him.
The present. Sherry’s a successful businesswoman with two grown sons. Lorena’s an actress on a popular sitcom. Sherry’s husband dumped her for a younger woman eighteen years ago. Lorena’s husband died of cancer.
Sherry wants a second chance at Love. Lorena doesn’t believe that’s possible. But when a glitch in a Virtual Reality Adventure game sends them back to the real 1969, anything can happen.

Excerpt from Chapter 9 :
Jen stared at Lorena intently. “I need that accent. I’ve been looking for someone to coach me. We’re rehearsing A Streetcar Named Desire. Come back to the theater with us.”
Lorena looked at Sherry inquiringly.
“Go ahead, Lorena,” Jeremy said. “I wanted to borrow Sherry for the afternoon.”
Lorena and Jen both eyed him like disapproving mothers. Sherry stifled a giggle
Jeremy was the picture of injured innocence. “Honestly, Jen, do you think I’m going to take her to my flat and have my wicked way with her?”
I hope so, Sherry thought.
“This is strictly business. I have to interview Lady Dorchester this afternoon and I thought Sherry might be able to help.”
“That old bat? She’s barmy.” Jen said. She turned to Sherry. “Better you than me. Good luck.”
“Why does he need help interviewing her?” Lorena asked.
“She won’t talk to him unless there is a woman present. She’s totally off her rocker. Thinks she’s still a lady in waiting.”
“What’s wrong with that?” Lorena asked.
“To Queen Victoria,” Jeremy answered. “And she thinks her pet mouse is the reincarnation of Queen Victoria. I’m going to interview the mouse.” He turned to Sherry. “You don’t by any chance speak mouse? I could use a translator.”
“I’m sorry,” Sherry replied with a straight face, “the only mouse I was well acquainted with my s— ah . . . sister’s pet mouse and he spoke common field mouse. I’m afraid I won’t be much help.”
Jeremy’s eyes crinkled at the corners. “That’s all right. We’ll rely on Lady Dorchester.”
What book are you reading now?  Happy reading, friends.  Blessings.

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  1. not reading anything now

  2. I'm reading "Nightengale" by Sharon Ervin in the Timeless Passion set of Historical Romances. Book No. 9

  3. We don't have any little free libraries in our neighborhood because we are only about a block from the library. My husband and I volunteer there.


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