Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Reading

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 Hi. My name is Susan and I am a bookaholic. I limit my reading to evenings or I would never get anything done.  Books are too delicious. I don't have an author post, so I thought I'd share what I've been reading in the past couple of months. Please share back.


Narvla's Celtic New Year by Therese Gilardi
Debut YA novel which I bought at the LA Times Festival of Books. The premise intrigued me.
Narvla’s life is as precisely choreographed as the routines that have made her a national step-dancing champion. She has a loyal best friend, a devoted boyfriend, and a lock on admission to her dream college, the University of Notre Dame. Until her mother is named U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, and her life unravels. I had a wonderful time reading it. 

Comedy Mystery
Annie Graceland's Cupcake Mysteries By Pamela DuMond

First one is Cupcakes, Lies and Dead Guys.  The title hooked me. After finishing the first one, I had to read them all.

Women's Fiction/Romantic Comedy

The Merchant of Venice Beach, A Comedy of Erinn and Much Ado About Mother by Celia Bonaduce.
When Angels Cry by Jennifer Edwards.

Both are Los Angeles authors and I knew all the settings. So much fun.

 Loved them.

Romantic Suspense

 Right now I am reading Imminent Danger by Dee J Adams. I hate to put it down to write this post. This is the first book I've read by Dee and it's number 5 in a series called Adrenaline High. Series title does not refer to a High School, but to the level of suspense she keeps gong in the book. I need to read the others. Really suspenseful.

Jayne Anne Krentz's Trust No One.  .

I adore Jayne Ann Krentz and am pleased to report I got Garden of Lies and Nora Robert's Liar for Mother's Day. Those are my next two reads. I have another plane trip next Tuesday and I will save at least of of them for that.

I also borrowed two romantic contemporaries by Kristan Higgins from the LAPL online resource department.
My One and Only and Too Good to be True I took Kristan's course on Starting your Story in the Right Places online at RWA University and she used My One and Only as an example. Kristan's sense of humor is wonderful and I love her characters.
Read anything lately you want to share?


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